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Cytotoxin – Nuklearth (Review)

Artist: Cytotoxin
Album: Nuklearth
Genre: Brutal (Technical) Death Metal
Country: Germany
Release Date: 21st of August, 2020
Released via Unique Leader Records
Cover Artwork: © Unique Leader Records, 2020

The new release by Brutal Techdeath combo Cytotoxin is here. The cover of their latest album Nuklearth showcases a tidalwave hitting the beach with a guy in a Hazmatsuit on a throne built from barrels of nuclear waste. This is just to set the thematic mood. What’s inside is a real blast and makes just fun to listen to.

The album opens up straight into high-level pushing brutality that goes right into the body and gives you a desire to get moving. The drums are tight and build the foundation that pushes through the whole record and only slow down or pause when the guitars step into the foreground or are highlighted during a solo.

During every other part your ears can enjoy a real feast of work. The aforementioned guitars are just amazing. The basslines create a nice deep and menacing mood, which fits the overall theme. Contrasted by highly technical riffs with higher-pitched guitars that mix in some nice solos at points that give you some time to relax and create a level of epicness to enjoy before it get’s right back into the postapocalyptic carnage. This mix powers through the whole release and is rounded off by good guttural vocals that are mainly a dark barking shout that at some points goes down into a deep growl.

Overall it’s a really enjoyable mix of the epicness and brutality with the mood of a world after nuclear warfare.

9 / 10

Favorite Track:
“Coast of Lies”

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