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Ghouli – Nothing (EP) (Recommendation)

Band: Ghouli
Album: Nothing
Genre: Metal
Country: USA
Release Date: 22nd of January, 2020
Released via: DAM Recordings
Cover Artwork: © DAM Recordings, 2020

We received a mail from Richmond, Virginia with a link to a short burst of music. Ghouli is a Hardcore Punk Band, influenced by early 80s bands, but also, and that’s why I gave them a try, by Death and Goth Rock.

Nothing brings us 6 short songs with a total playtime of about 13 minutes. First of all, this is no happy EP with some funny drinking songs or stuff. Mental illness, death and abuse are the topics of the songs and because of the aggressive way, especially with regards to the vocals, I fell in love with Sam. The first time I heard her voice I thought: powerful and absolutely pissed-off, that’s how it should be. Great performance.

I also like the sound of the production, naturally as well powerful, with a great bass sound especially, so it’s another part why I like to recommend this EP to you.

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