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En Love – Love Will Drown The Nest (Recommendation)

Artist: En Love
Album: Love Will Drown The Nest
Genre:  Hardcore Punk
Country:  USA
Release Date:  October 16th, 2020
Released via:  Delayed Gratification Records
Cover Artwork  © Delayed Gratification Records

You like fast, snappy hardcore punk that goes in the vein of Trash Talk or even old Ceremony records? Then you should definitely check out the new EP of En Love, which combines this distinctive sound with some more modern elements. With Love Will Drown The Nest, the Americans from Ohio just arried at the second release of their still young band history, but they already know in what direction they want to go and how to win over energetic listeners, which is clearly to be heard. Skate, Stomp, Die, Repeat or something similar!

En Love really know – what was already mentioned on the predecessor released in 2018 – how to write powerful songs that make you want to completely smash your furniture. Whether it’s with disgustingly roving vocals, continuous swirling drumming or furious blastbeat parts, on Love Will Drown The Nest you get the full package of musical aggression you can ask for from a hardcore punk record these days. Besides various bass solos and related stomping parts as well as classic, ultra-fast powerviolence passages, the band impresses with its catchy, metallic riffing and well-placed breaks, which are not as inflationary as is often the case in this genre.

In general, the six tracks offer a lot of tempo changes and influences, which can make the sound very varied without sounding overcrowded or overloaded. The slower parts also offer a slightly dreamy vibe, which, in my opinion, is a good contrast to the otherwise frustrated high speed punk. For my personal taste, the sound quality on future releases might just sound a bit dirtier, since the instruments are still a bit too clean in direct comparison to the wonderfully obnoxious vocals.

Since October 16th Love Will Drown The Nest is also physically available via DELAYED GRATIFICATION RECORDS, where you can choose between two different vinyl versions or the tape edition. But also a European cassette release is on the schedule, as you can hear via LOWER CLASS KIDS RECORDS, for early 2021 and is therefore within reach.

Fans of aggressively forward going, but also slightly dreamy hardcore punk with blastbeats and other powerviolence elements will definitely get their money’s worth with this EP, even if it is unfortunately of a short duration and you can listen through it quite fast. But if you dig the catchy sound, you’ll surely overheat the repeat button until the release of a complete longplayer, because the one or the other track on Love Will Drown The Nest has the potential for some real catchy tunes, can be roared along and at the same time animates you to stomp or headwalk with its distinctive basslines. Surely En Love still have a lot of room left for improvement, but with this EP they have already gained a lot of momentum.

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