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Demos From The Vault #3 Haexler | Subliminal Excess | The Holy Flesh | Symbiont | Coath

Just in time for Sunday, the new episode of Demo Vault is coming, in which there are again five brand new bands for you to discover. This time you can look forward to a full load of blastbeats, mosh, punk, noise shots and even post-ridden stuff. As usual, the included artists are from all parts of the world. Have fun testing them and browsing around.

Haexler – Bleakness, Blankness EP (Powerviolence – Germany)

Blankness, Bleakness is the first release of the newly founded band Haexler from Leipzig. The EP consists of ten dark blasting tracks somewhere between PV and Blackened Hardcore and also gives a strong first impression of what you can expect from this combo in the near future. If you are into fast bands to mosh to like Harm Done, Sex Prisoner or Hatred Surge, this is definitly your kind of Punk!

[bandcamp width=99% height=120 album=1129115566 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff tracklist=false artwork=small]

Subliminal Excess – Demo (Hardcore Punk 2020 – USA)

With Subliminal Excess I got my hands on a hardcore punk band I was, apart from the frustrated vocals, especially enthusiastic about the bass playing. The still young band from Chicago is bursting with rage and manages to transfer all the energy through their instruments to the outside world. If you’re looking for stomping punk with catchy guitar playing that digs itself into the brain with the help of its extremely dirty-sounding bass guitar, Subliminal Excess is exactly the right address.

[bandcamp width=99% height=120 album=2577349813 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff tracklist=false artwork=small]

The Holy Flesh – Emissary and Vessel (Psychedelic Black Metal/Post Punk – UK)

With The Holy Flesh you could almost think that Rope Sect or Grave Pleasures started to try their skills with Black Metal. The British band carries the same gloomy atmosphere on its Demo Emissary and Vessel as the two post punk bands and combines it with musical excesses that reminded me especially strongly of Dutch bands á la Verwoed or Fluisteraars. As soon as you start listening, you cannot escape this psychedelic maelstrom anymore. In some corners the sound could use more harshness, but since this is a debut record, you should look over it, because the vibe alone is worth a listen.

[bandcamp width=99% height=120 album=4280548524 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff tracklist=false artwork=small]

Symbiont – A Curse Upon Civilization EP (Noisegrind/D-Beat – USA)

If you like dull, dystopian-looking grindcore, then you should definitely check out the Californian band SYMBIONT. The non-stop banging on A Curse Upon Civilization is carried by powerful blasts and always infused with wonderful metallic melodies. The vocals remind me of old TV test pattern noise, which, besides a lot of samples, further fuels the dark atmosphere. Symbiont are therefore for me the perfect mixture of initial Malignant Tumour sound and Cybergrind á la Krupskaya. -featuring ex-members of Civil Evacuation, Cataleptic Fear and Menacing Glare.

[bandcamp width=99% height=120 album=2603825214 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff tracklist=false artwork=small]

Coath – Coalescence (Experimental Noisegrind – USA)

With Coath you can expect harsh noisegrind with a much higher proportion of electronic sounds than the classic grindcore blaster. Due to dark samples, the debut album Coalescence even has an atmosphere that you would not have expected in its intensity. For some people the sound may seem like a series of computer tones, but if you are into experimental blasting with ominous growls, you should definitely check out this sick longplayer from the States.

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