Militarie Gun – My Life Is Over (Recommendation)

Band:Militarie Gun
Album:My Life Is Over
Genre:Noise Rock/Hardcore Punk
Release Date:10th of November,2020
Released viaConvulse Records
Cover Artwork ©Convulse Records

You like 90s noise rock with post hardcore influences like Quicksand, Unwound or Unsane did? Then go for the Californian combo Militarie Gun, whose first EP My Life Is Over serves exactly this musical style and on top of that adds a slight pinch of West Coast aesthetics. The band is quite new, but it already shows what it is capable of and that you can still expect interesting sound these days from this genre. Although there are only four songs to marvel at first, they already thrill with absolute long-playing suitability and a lot of distinctive elements.

As a big fan of good old and perhaps aggressive 90’s stuff I was very happy to come across Militarie Gun. After just a short listen, the My Life Is Over EP has already played its way into my heart and has thus won a permanent place in my current playlist. The lethargically frustrated, yet groovy sound ignites from the first second and is just incredibly enjoyable. Besides wonderful bass playing, which is put in the spotlight at various points, especially the vocals know how to convince. The scratchy vocals are catchy and sound very unique, without leaving the genre boundaries. In addition, you can understand the lyrics of the band very well. On top of that, you come across groovy riffs and all sorts of dreamy, but not too playful melodic elements, which further solidify the reference to noise rock.
Even though the record contains only 4 tracks, Militarie Gun manage to keep their music very varied through strong songwriting and still let you recognize a common thread. In the last two songs it becomes clear that this band has its roots more in classic hardcore, which suits the overall package well and tinkers seamlessly with the rather frustrated sounding two pieces before.

Since November 10, the digital version of the EP is released and also a physical variant in the form of a vinyl via CONVULSE RECORDS will follow soon. If you like the above-mentioned bands, refined with more modern elements, you should not waste time and listen to Militarie Gun. No matter in which genre you finally classify the band, they will find fans in all areas, no matter if hardcore or noise rock. However, I’ve already got a real hunger for a full-length, which I hope the Californians won’t keep us waiting for too long. My Life Is Over is moody, dreamy and yet somehow pissed off and therefore the perfect earworm to look forward to the end of 2020.

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