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Boundless Chaos – Of Death and Perdition (Recommendation)

Band: Boundless Chaos
Album: Of Death and Perdition
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany
Release Date: 15th of January, 2021 
Released via Fucking Kill Records
Cover Artwork © Fucking Kill Records

Also via Fucking Kill Records a new Thrash Metal combo has landed on my radar, who will soon release their debut EP there. More precisely, it’s about the German newcomers from Boundless Chaos and their Record Of Death and Perdition. The Saxons puke dirty metalpunk in front of your feet, which sounds so aggressive at the same time, that you feel like throwing a few beer cans around. In my eyes, a really impressive first output, which has excited me almost as much as those of Sacroscum or Panzer Squad and also in terms of music this force with its disgustingly ugly sound is not far away from these two underground killers.

Boundless Chaos apparently don’t want to lose a second on their debut and are directly hammering in mercilessly. The listener is bombarded with a canon of violence, where the first thing that stands out positively is the viciously sawing guitar playing. This also at no point of the EP loses its appeal, remains varied and is packed with great squealing metal melodies. Another thing that quickly becomes apparent is the strong production, which definitely gets the certain rumble flavor across well, but also captures the energetic, always moving forward sound very well. All in all, Of Death and Perdition comes across like a high quality recorded old school album from the division of bands like Sodom. This is especially evident in the drumming, which pounds along like it’s on a rampage, making for a very intense listening experience. Lots of swirls, punk beat and always aggressive. Even in the midtempo parts, which are mostly introduced by furiously distorted bridges, the drumming knows no pauses. But the killer melodies remain in focus, while the instrumentals can generally be classified as massive.

The songwriting is also extremely good for a first output. Sure the primitive sound doesn’t need a lot of flourishes to please, but the transitions between the tempos have been worked in wonderfully and while you can’t stand still to parts where it’s ripped off in frenzy, you want to stomp the floor a meter lower in the slower parts. And as if that weren’t enough laurels already, the vocals are also more than worth listening to. In addition to the genre’s popular uuurghs, which are present in the right amount, you get consistently rage-distorted and obnoxious roar to the ears here. Boundless Chaos already know how to combine pissed off metal with a rancid punk vibe and work this mixture into crunchy songs, as I must confess that I actually enjoyed every single one of the four songs and would personally recommend listening to Of Death and Perdition as a whole rather than dwelling on individual tracks.

The pre-order for Of Death and Perdition is already in full progress and the official release of Fucking Kill Records seems near with 15th of January. If you like to headbang to old school thrash while chugging your cheap liquor, you should definitely have Boundless Chaos on your radar and get the physical version as soon as possible. As far as I’m concerned, what this band delivers right here is one of the best debut releases that German underground thrash metal has had to offer in the last 2-3 years, because the sound is dirtier than GG-Allin’s underwear and more ill-tempered than the iciest choleric. Uuurgh-ridden Metalpunk of which roar you just can not get enough!

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