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Night Prowler – No Escape (Recommendation)

Band:Night Prowler
Album:No Escape
Genre:Heavy Metal
Country:Brazil (São Paulo)
Release Date:6th of February, 2021
Released viaDying Victim Productions
Cover Artwork ©Night Prowler, 2020

This album is a vinyl re-release of the band’s debut album from 2018. Night Prowler are from Brazil, formed by guitarist Luke D. Cuoto in 2017 already, and have nothing in common with an Australian Rock band we all know. In 2018 the debut was released by Killer Again Records, limited to 500 CDs. Dying Victims Productions give us the chance to get our dirty hands on a vinyl, a standard black one or a special purple edition at the end of February, including a complete new cover artwork.

After a few tracks, you definitely know that vinyl is the one and only right format for this album. Twin-lead guitars and big clean vocals flavoured with reverb let me think of some Maidens & Mindcrimes, 80s synth and some thrashy snares give us some “new” nuances. The production seems to be right from the 80s as well, powerful, but not digital. It fits the music, the idea of the band, and it’s far from perfect, in a positive way.

Don’t expect any big surprises. I think that’s not the idea of the band. Night Prowler are a 80s Heavy Metal band, they sound like a 80s heavy metal band, and if you don’t like 80s Heavy Metal bands, you won’t like Night Prowler. So, if you want to listen to a new band, but don’t want to enter brave to a new world, 90s Metal for example, then go ahead and have a try. None of your friends will know it’s a new band, and if so… just look at each other, smile, and take a sip of beer…you conspirators.

As you can see, I would recommend this one to the guys who live and breath 80s Metal.

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