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Suicide of Society – War Investment (Recommendation)

Band:Suicide of Society
Album:War Investment
Genre:Thrash Metal
Country:Germany (Siegen)
Release Date:9th of October, 2020
Released viaMDD Records
Cover Artwork ©Suicide of Society, 2020

Suicide of Society did everything right, they’ve prepared us throughout a progress of 10 years for an album that clearly shows, how 80s Thrash Metal succesfully survives in 2020!

The album War Investment clearly is a thrash firework. Finest riff barrage and drums that resemble monstrous thunderstorms, Suicide of Society have created a showpiece in the Thrash world that just tastes as good as EXODUS, TESTAMENT or TANKARD in their prime! The San Francisco Bay Area influences are unmistakably present and the record smashes in the finest manner right from the beginning to the end.

I love the midtempo parts, the atmosperic passages, the vocals and lyricism in relation to this anger of the frontman about how our actual society works combined with shreddy highspeed riffs that are just brutal. My thrasher heart just beats with the drumming and it’s really a shame to realize that Suicide of Sociey unfortunately cannot celebrate their debut on a live stage! Great lyrics that get you excited and even more heated mosh parts that give just enough air to breathe in before continuing…Man, I would have celebrated that!

Suicide of Society played with great bands such as ACCUSER and LICH KING, is really a DIY band and needs to be supported in every way – just to keep their amazing intention to keep 80s thrash alive and that’s truly honorable – check them out! I’m fucking ready for them next year and can’t await to see them live, maybe with some more new tracks that will be designed even more individually and will sound even more to themselves!

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