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Verhängnis – s/t (Recommendation)

Band: Verhängnis
Album: Self-Titled
Genre: Doom/Death Metal
Country: Germany
Release Date: 1st of August, 2020
Released via Fucking Kill Records / Kellerassel Records
Cover Artwork © Fucking Kill Records

Through the taperelease of my friend “Mogel” from Kellerassel Records I became aware of a new band that could satisfy my cravings for rotten death/doom metal once again and kidnap me into a stinking crypt for about 20 minutes. We are talking about the one-man project Verhängnis from Germany, which has released a self-titled album after a promising 2-track demo that comes along with dark, creeping metal and should give die-hard fans of the genre the same pleasure as me with it’s sound. So turn off the lights and get going, but be careful because this record definitely knows how to give you goosebumps with deeply frightening music.

From the first note, the deathly dark sound unfolds and seeps into the auditory canals with deep, heavy and nightmarish instrumentals. Despite the slow tempo, the songs seem massive and weighty, led by oppressive riffing. At some points, sickeningly distorted melodies also creep in, which suit the sound very well, fit in seamlessly and give the whole thing a really disgusting touch. Over the course of the album, a dense atmosphere builds up, which gets a depraved depth through the bass playing and keeps tightening up. The setting offered is simply frightening and turns out to be a true spectre of terror, where the ultra nasty vocals are probably the absolute highlight. The monstrous roar sounds bloodcurdlingly evil and unpleasant at the same time and offers exactly what it takes to make the sound an authentic one. Especially violently you get to feel this on the last song “Nekrot” in which the feeling of oppression can lay over the listener like a veil through the use of a cruel synth melody and rounds off the album excellently. Even if Verhängnis does not reinvent the genre-standard tones, the self-titled debut album provides good material to once again properly get creeped out with death metal and drift into foul wafting sounds.

As mentioned in the beginning, the album is physically released via Kellerassel Records, but this is a co-release with Fucking Kill Records, where you can also get the gorgeous, poison-green tape. If you are into rotten, disgusting old school Death Metal, you should not miss Verhängnis and you can definitely enjoy the debut. Especially because of the incredibly rancid vocals and the raw punishing sound. This record is another proof that this genre can also provide a terrifying demolition with massive slow sounds. So if you like heavy and really sinister 90’s death offshoots, you should not hesitate to listen to this and get the cassette as long if it´s possible.

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