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Scarred – Scarred (Review)

Genre:Death Metal
Release Date:22nd of January, 2021
Released viaKlonosphère Records
Cover Artwork ©Klonosphère, 2020

After 4 years of work, Scarred from Luxembourg not just only present their new, third album, but also their new singer Yann Dalscheid. There are 13 tracks, including both intro and outro, as well as two interludes without vocals, a total playtime of 58 minutes. Scarred comes along with a modern, powerful sound and production, which perfectly fits the music. What kind of music it is? Well, I think it’s a nice mixture of modern Metal, somewhere between death and melody.

“Sol” is the intro, in which we get to know a small and simple melody, that we will meet again. “Mirage” picks up this little melody, and speeds it up a dozen of times, double bassdrum under it and here we go. Growled, raw vocals, which are somehow familiar, and let me think of Korn’s Jonathan Davis here and there. We started fast and aggressively, but somehow the band get’s a twist in there… It feels as if you run as fast as you can to jump off a cliff into the abyss, and the second half of the track, which starts with the melody from “Sol”, is your fall. “A.D. Something” starts with a 2000-ish riff, but becomes an evil beast, like a mixture of Slipknot and Meshuggah. “Chupacabra” mixes nice groove and blasts beats to a neckbreaker.

“Prisms” gives us a little instrumental break. And then “Merry-Go-Round” starts with a riff you could find on a Muse record as well. WTF? The backing vocals and arrangement sounds like 2010 Emo-Melo stuff, but the aggressive side breaks loose here and there in the song, and in the end: clean vocals. “In Silent Darkness” is a long instrumental track with different interesting phrases, and I think I can hear “Sol” again. The second half of “A.H.A.I.A.” combines a doomy Metal riffs with the voice of a mystical shaman. Weird. “Dance of The Giants” is a very narrating song, with the touch of a musical. And for all of you who want to impress some ladies with their good education: “Petrichor” the last but one track is the name for the smell of rain on dry earth.

Scarred, the band, gave us a real great piece of music with Scarred, the album. After several runs, I still can find new parts or interesting phrases which were used already in other tracks before on the album. I can here so many different other musicians and bands in Scarred’s music that its nothing but a beautiful journey.


Favorite Tracks:
“A.D… Something”
“In Silent Darkness”

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