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Soul Glo – Songs to Yeet at the Sun (Review)

Band:Soul Glo
Album:Songs to Yeet at the Sun
Country:USA (Philadelphia)
Release Date:6th of November, 2020
Released viaSecret Voice / Deathwish Inc.
Cover Artwork ©Deathwish, 2020

Honestly said, I’m a real late bloomer when it comes to Soul Glo. Given the fact that I’ve been listening to Punk and Hardcore for the most part of my life, I don’t know why they flew under my radar for so long. Fortunately one day, Touche Amore’s singer Jeremy Bolm posted something about these guys and I listened through their discography in a very short time. It didn’t take me long to really love Soul Glo.

Songs to Yeet at the Sun might only be almost 12 minutes long but believe me, this doesn’t matter at all. These 12 minutes are so much fun, so much madness, so much diversity in such a short time. “Just because I am crazy doesn’t mean I’m not right”, yes man, this is so true for the EP, it is just this…the right music at the right time.

Not just the musical aspect of Songs to Yeet at the Sun is great, the lyrics are particularly important too, for all of us. Soul Glo’s lyrics can help us to take a different perspective, to change from the perspective of the privileged to a perspective of those who need to be scared of the police, of racists, of violence, of miserable living conditions much more than the privileged. “Niggas know to the cent the cost of their next three steps in any given direction” (29), “Niggas wrung out in the widened wealth gap, ain’t no winning no way!” (Mathed Up), “Made in America, or taken there, but I will never ever show up in the picture” (Mathed Up). The lyrics in general are great art, I would go so far to say that Soul Glo are one of the very few bands that have a very unique writing style. These guys are able to deal with stereotypes, prejudices and serious underlying social issues in such an arty, poetical, polarizing, amazing way…I could list so many more adjectives here but I guess you know what I mean.

Back to the musical aspect of Songs to Yeet at the Sun: Everything starts off with about 2 minutes of a fast-paced Screamo/Hardcore-mixture [(Quietly) Do the Right Thing], flows into about a minute of aggressive Trash-Hardcore [29] just to reduce speed during a Hip-Hop-Song [2K] that perfectly fits into the whole of Songs to Yeet at the Sun. The following track [Mathed Up] is a furious mixture of Screamo and Trash-Hardcore and flows into one last Hardcore-song including a few hard-hitting breakdowns [I’m on Probation].

This EP is hands-down a musical piece of alternative art you should definitely check out. I’m pretty sure you’ll almost instantly start to feel a lot of love for Soul Glo and probably check out their other releases too.

9,5 / 10

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