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MINENFELD // NOIR – Dolchstoß // Fear (Premiere | Review)

Album: Dolchstoß // Fear
Genre: Death Metal/Noise
Country: Germany
Release Date: March, 2021
Released via Black Tapes
Cover Artwork © Black Tapes

Transcended Music Blog is proud to be able to present you the latest output of the cooperation between Death Metal combo Minenfeld and noise artist Noir in cooperation with Endurance to Hell!

After it has been a little quiet around Minenfeld lately, there finally is a sign of life and a long-awaited new output of the German underground Death Metal band. The latest release treads rather unusual paths and combines the usual Bolt Thrower styled OSDM with various analogue and electronic noises on the 14-minute collaboration track Dolchstoß // Fear’ together with the Bielefeld noise artist Noir, which can breathe much more depth and atmosphere into the filthy sound than it has been the case on all previous songs. As a result, the presented Metal no longer seems just classically raw and heavy, it also draws out significantly more references to Black and Doom Metal in the process.

But don’t worry, because Minenfeld still fire out nasty and brutal Death Metal on this song, which harmonizes perfectly with the harsh noise parts and thus sounds partly even harder and darker than it already did. Noir, on the other hand, adds some sinister subdued beats, discreet hymn-like reverberating vocals and disturbing screams – exactly what was still missing to ignite the final fire. The resulting soundscape unfolds excellently and works well together, which ensures that you can listen to the track over and over again without getting bored. Those who like what Minenfeld have produced so far anyway and are also able to enjoy sick and explosive noise stuff should therefore definitely listen to the song and will have an easy time losing themselves in this striking collaboration.

Physically, the collaboration is available as an audio cassette via the Berlin-based label Black Tapes. The limitation in total is 100 pieces that are coming with black on black printed cover artwork and the entire track on both sides. Furthermore the release is subdivided into 50x Minefield//Noir and 50x Noir//Minefield tapes, which will be shipped randomly to the customer. So you better do not waste any time and get your copy of this strong cooperation here before it’s to late!

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