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Timelost – Gushing Interest (Recommendation)

Band: Timelost
Album:  Gushing Interest
Genre:  Grunge / Shoegaze
Country:  USA
Release Date: 26th of February, 2021
Released via  Church Road Records
Cover Artwork ©  Church Road Records

Through a release announcement at To Live A Lie Records I became aware of Gushing Interest, the new album by Timelost. A band that actually does not really fit into the roster of the label musically with its grungy shoegaze sound, since you are usually served here with high-quality Powerviolence and Hardcore Punk. But if you know that the roots of the quartet from Philadelphia are in those genres, it makes the resulting collaboration a bit more coherent. Whoever is into dreamy sounding Rock with a dozen of anthemic elements is in any case exactly right with this catchy record and should be able to quickly fall in love with it.

With 6 tracks, Timelost try to win our heart here and when regarding the various cool elements on Gushing Interest, it is also not at all difficult to fully dive into the record. The vocals are already fully convincing and with their catchy lethargic sound they seem very anthemic and distinctive at times. For the most part, the voice moves within dreamy shoegaze areas and lets the listener melt away quickly. In addition, there is support from groovy drumming that fits perfectly through its leisurely but also very tight playing style and ensures that the various songs do not seem too boring. In a few places, the drumming sounds staggering, but it often quickly grounds itself back into its usual tracks. The production is just as smooth as the songwriting. No big surprises, but again and again parts that build up and exude a melancholic note in their “outbursts”, which can provide the necessary variety in contrast to the otherwise motivating sound.

Special highlight of this record for me personally however is the guitar playing, which, in addition to idyllic melodies and drawn-out riffing that invites to dance, again and again comes up with very striking aspects that settle amidst the auditory canal and make quite a few passages to earworms. From the musical side and also from the pure mood that Timelost exude, one can probably recommend Gushing Interest equally to fans of Violent Soho and My Bloody Valentine, since influences from both bands are clearly to be heard, without simply having copied. The album then has an adequate conclusion with a cover song by The Psychedelic Furs Lover My Way. I didn’t know the original, but if it hadn’t been declared as a cover, I probably wouldn’t have noticed that the song didn’t come from their own pen, because it fits seamlessly with all the previous tracks.

Gushing Interest was released on vinyl via Church Road Records. Those who prefer the tape version will find it, as already mentioned at the beginning, at To Live A Lie. Timelost have clearly released one of those albums that you can’t get enough of during the first warmer days of the year. This album has an uplifting and liberating effect, but is also cozy and warm, setting you into a good mood through and through and can literally be played in an endless loop due to its merciless catchiness. Truly one of those records in which you can lose yourself.

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