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Graywave – Dancing in the Dust (Recommendation)

Graywave - Dancing in the dust
Release:Dancing in the Dust
Genre:Alternative, Shoegaze, Dreampop
Release Date:31st of May, 2024
Released viaChurch Road Records

Ever since their inception in 2019 Graywave made a splash in the Shoegaze/Alternative music. Having toured with adored peers like Slow Crush or Bossk, with two EPs under their belt, the next one in form of Dancing in the Dust is just around the corner. “Blur into one” and “Cycle” have been the harbingers of this EP which will see the light of day once again on their trusted label and all around good people at Church Road Records.

The opener “Falling Apart” or “Dark Spell” sound like they would have been a good fit on a later Deftones album (Koi No Yokan) with its dreamy vocals guided by heavy guitars. While listening to those two I have the urge to half-close my eyes while swaying from left to right and getting drenched in black-light.

Dancing in the Dust

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