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Worst Doubt – Extinction (Review)

Band:Worst Doubt
Release Date:29th of January, 2021
Released viaBDHW Rec.
Cover Artwork ©Worst Doubt, 2021

You know what, guys? I’m just going to be blunt and give the French guys from Worst Doubt a big minus point. Why, you ask? The reason comes from the numerous and aimless divebombs that are completely inflationary used here to make the whole thing sound somehow ‘Metal’. Even the intro was a real imposition as far as that is concerned. I mean, divebombs are cool, but when they’re just sprinkled in randomly and they’re almost never followed by a decent solo, these constant dives really just get on my nerves. I honestly hope that this dead tired trend will finally be done soon, but unfortunately the guys from Worst Doubt noticeably haven’t been exhausted yet. However, if the guitars already like to play one trick pony (which is by no means necessary, more about that later), then you can at least directly mention the drums positively, because the drummer does excellent work here.

Concerning the basic tone of the French, they have noticeably copied a lot from Power Trip, but without implementing it with similar force and consistency. Better a mediocre copy than releasing nothing at all. I know, that sounds hard, but it is unfortunately my feeling when I listen to Extinction. While their idols have breathed new life into their genre, Worst Doubt are noticeably striving for the lowest common denominator.

And then again and again – these divebombs – it doesn’t want to stop. If you think Thronetorcher overdid it back then, Worst Doubt even go one step further. But enough of that. Hopefully.

Because apart from that, these guys can really do something: Many riffs are just extremely powerful and in my opinion the drummer is, as already mentioned, strong anyway. “Imposter’s Reign” even has a really rad solo. Nevertheless, the inflationary implementation of divebombs has to be mentioned just as inflationary. Don’t do that and write more crunchy parts as on the title track, which is, just like “Despise Death”, really, really good. Apart from that, songs such as “Path of the Blind” show how cool Worst Doubt can actually be. This track with late Sepultura character sounds better than Sepultura themselves meanwhile.

Now they should just be less cool and work more on authentic material, just as mentioned. Thus, an album that deserves the stamp ‘Already heard too many times’ will become a really massive thing really fast. “Filth in the Wound” proves this once again as an absolutely successful conclusion, while bursting at the seams with unbridled energy. Please continue like this in the future. And less divebombs.
I believe in you guys.

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