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Becerus – Homo Homini Brutus (Review)

Album:Homo Homini Brutus
Genre:Death Metal
Release Date:30th of April, 2021
Released viaEverlasting Spew Records
Cover ArtworkDahmer Art, 2021

Kids, what a thrill I am in! When I already read the slogan “Becerus have absolutely no lyrics,” I knew it was going to be stupid. That’s always a good sign. But the guys from Becerus have more to offer than just that. In a way, they can confidently and without a guilty conscience be called Mortician with better music. ,

On their album Homo Homini Brutus, the band has pretty much everything up their sleeve that makes Death Metal perfect. The raw, dry sound, the strong and spot-on drums, the contentless grunt vocals and the riffs that are simply on fire throughout.
Musically, Belcerus can be described as if the Caveman versions of Deicide, Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse got together and pounded an extremely good album into the cave wall. No lyrics also means no cringe, as I don’t have to deal with childish splatter fantasies, nor the cramped life wisdom of any squibs. Just sit back and let the IQ sink. It’s like listening to music by the slightly sillier but more attractive Chad brother of Pathology, especially as far as the sound is concerned.

Of course, it must be said that Becerus do absolutely nothing new on their album, but nonetheless what they do is awesome from the first to the last second.
Absolute must-have for all fans of massive Death Metal!

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