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Crypts of Despair – All Light Swallowed (Review)

Band:Crypts of Despair
Album:All Light Swallowed
Genre:Death Metal
Release Date:23rd of April, 2021
Released viaTranscending Obscurity Records
Cover Artwork ©Crypts of Despair, 2021

Frankly speaking, I am a bit divided when it comes to the new album of Crypts of Despair.

In itself, All Light Swallowed can really achieve something. The songs are well thought out from the first to the last minute, blaring riffs and strong melodies shake hands while the drummer goes completely berserk and the vocals make your throat ache just listening to them. Especially the guitar melodies mentioned above can really be seen, or in our case, heard. They contribute well to the gripping atmosphere and not infrequently anchor themselves in the head. Because Crypts of Despair can keep their level from the opening “Being – Erased” to the closing “Bleak View,” you would think there would be little to complain about – Not quite.

My problem, with this thoroughly successful album is this: It sounds cool, but did we really need it? From the raging drums with the occasionally changing beats to the heavily distorted guitars with a Swedish Death touch and the poisonous vocals, to the snotty sound, not only was everything already there in a hundredfold versions, it is also generally the sound of the hour at the moment. In other words, I’ve grown quite tired of such albums, even if it’s really good. I mean, there’s even the obligatory track with ‘Void’ in the name (“Choked by the Void” is ironically also my favorite song on the record).

For this reason, I would like to see more courage to innovate. Crypts of Despair really have a talent for strong riffs and insane melodies. There is definitely still much more to get out of it, as happened on All Lights Swallowed.

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