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GRISHKA – I (Review)

Album: I
Genre: Metal/Hardcore Punk
Country: USA
Release Date: 8th of March, 2021
Released via Self-Released
Cover Artwork © Andy Drogynous

Recently, the YouTube channel Hate5Six uploaded the set of a new band from Baltimore that had me hooked with its aggressive sound after a short testing already so that I could not detach myself from the music – as well as the released output, an EP that goes by the name of “I” and which I literally inhaled right away. This is GRISHKA, who have created a bitterly evil hybrid with their refreshing mixture of various Metal subgenres and Hardcore Punk, which, once you are addicted, you do not want to turn away from and which manages to combine various influences in a catchy as well as brutal way. Here you can expect 18 minutes of pure hatred set to music, from which you feel nauseated and to whose dark and filthy vibe you just want to lash out or wildly whirl around in the venue. This teeth grinding band should not be slept on as a fan of authentic rotten crossover hurricanes!

The short opener of the EP already suggests what disgusting spectacle will await the listener in the coming almost 20 minutes. The vicious vomited “Grishka” that you get there is then quickly replaced by some wild “Uuuuaarghs” and irresistible Metal riffing that continues mercilessly until the end of the record. Supported by fulminant drumming, in which especially the clashing Hihat has a distinctive tone, the sound is quickly steered in really wicked ways. This is accompanied by a powerful Death Metal bass drum and various time signature changes, offering everything from typical Thrash Metal rhythms to midtempo Black Metal to a groovy 80s Hardcore Punk vibe.

The riffing, on the other hand, is mainly coined by cold 2nd Wave Black Metal and sounds freezing cold in quite a few places, reminding you of the good old Darkthrone or in some kind also of Mayhem. However, the guitar also drifts into dirty Thrash and Punk influences over and over again, just like the drumming, especially with its metallic interludes, which give the whole thing a high recognition value. In addition, the bass gives the whole thing the dirty and grim undertone it deserves with its partly melodic grumbling.

Even though the respective tracks with their sinister mix of old school elements show a common thread, musically no song of GRISHKA is the same as the other, because the different genres that are divided here manifold and also come along with two concise leering song samples which are well suited to the rest and the basic spirit. Trademark of the band are for me, however, quite clearly the rancid vocals, which can not only serve with the aforementioned “Uurghs”, but also have deep growls and fierce nagging to offer.

All in all and with their sound and various instrumental parts, GRISHKA remind me very much of the great Black Breath or a little bit of Funeral Chic, although the Hardcore Punk part of the outfit from Baltimore comes out much more and also the overall attitude seems much more fucked up.

So far, GRISHKA have released their EP only digitally, if, when and how the release will also appear in physical form remains to be seen, but will probably be realized regarding the quality and also the unforgiving independence of the band without any problems. I am sure about that.

The “I” EP itself absolutly kills and delivers probably one of the strongest debut recordings I have put my hands on so far this year. Moreover, considering the fact that this is still a young band, this record sounds really sophisticated, authentic and also scores with well-arranged tracks. If you are into rotten and freezing sound with loads of different interwoven old school influences and remarkable parts to which you can headbang as well as stomp, you should definitely take a closer look at GRISHKA because they are bringing exactly what you are looking for. This band is damn dark, very pissed and will hit you mercilessly hard with its 6-track hurricane like a punch with a rivet bracelet straight in your face. I can’t wait to hear more of this delicious stuff and I am already excited to see what directions they will take on their future releases!

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