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Mortality Rate – Sleep Deprivation (Review)

Band:Mortality Rate
Album:Sleep Deprivation
Country:Canada (Alberta)
Release Date:24th of July, 2020 [Re-Release]
Released viaIsolation Records
Cover Artwork ©Isolation Records, 2020

Sleep Deprivation was originally released in May 2016 and got finally remixed and remastered after it was sold out for years. It’s not difficult at all to understand why the album was critically acclaimed when it was released in 2016.

Sleep Deprivation simply gives you no more time to breath as soon as the first track “Sleep Deprivation” has subliminally drawn you in. The following tracks come flying like a hornet determined to attack or explained in another way, they come like a fast punch into the middle of your face. The sixth track “Beautiful Mouth” is your only further chance to breath in and out for a very short while.

Short and fast album, short and fast review. Every single one of the 11 songs and 19 minutes is intense as fuck and I’m sure that this album contains everything that fans of heavier Hardcore love. So if you like bands like Trap Them, Judiciary or Jesus Piece only to name a few, you should definitely give Sleep Deprivation a listen. Of course, you should enjoy Mortality Rate’s great EP You Were the Gasoline from 2019 too.

9 / 10

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