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Voronoi – The Last Three Seconds (Recommendation)

Album:The Last Three Seconds
Genre:Progressive Metal, Math Rock, Jazz, Experimental Rock
Country:United Kingdom
Release Date:5th of May 2021
Released viaSmall Pond
Art As Cartharsis
Cover Artwork ©Voronoi, 2021

Sometimes, I read some self-descriptions about a band or their new album and then I think “that can’t work” – and sometimes I am completely right with my thoughts when I listen to the band/album for the first time. But as I said: sometimes. On the other hand, I am totally wrong about it. Voronoi was one of the latter. Progressive Metal, Math Rock, Jazz experimentation… what the hell. I like Math Rock and Jazz pretty much, but not everything sounds good to me, because the range of different approaches is very wide.

The first thing I must say is that the Jazz parts are the most eye-catching elements of The Last Three Seconds. The piano and a Jazz-like bass and drums in some parts of the songs are good and can withstand some of the jazz albums which I listen to here and there when I like to drink a whisky or just chill during a warm summer evening at the lake. Then there are some typical hard riffs that break the Jazz-sound, at some points it is music from a synthesizer and this experimental way of mixing it all together thus breaking the habits of these kinds of music to go into another way of musical thinking is interesting. Yes, sometimes it does not work for me. Sometimes the breaks are too harsh, sometimes the following sounds do not fit well. But most of times, I would say that it harmonizes. The Math Rock elements are strong over here, sometimes it reminded me of the early Rolo Tomassi. Some synthesizer elements reminded me in a certain way of how Kraftwerk did their stuff. The best example for this is the song “The Nauseator”, which combines the best elements from the album into a hell of a ride for a song.

In the end, Voronoi got a very interesting sound combined with a lot of influences from different sources of inspiration. And I think if you recognize something, it could be that it is something that reminds you of something entirely different when comparing with me – and that is kind of fabulous. If you are into this kind of music, you should listen to Voronois album.

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