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Vulture – Dealin’ Death (Recommendation)

Album:Dealin’ Death
Genre:Speed Metal / Thrash Metal
Release Date:21st of May, 2021
Released viaMetal Blade Records
Cover Artwork ©Metal Blade Records, 2021

For many people, the 80s marked the peak of Metal, so also for me. Unfortunately, I was born in 1992, which is why I was never allowed to experience this magical time myself. I can only do what is necessary to revive it to some extent: Read old magazines and interviews, talk to people who experienced it themselves and of course listen to records without end.

You can feel yourself in this time, but never live it. Luckily for all of us, however, there are bands like Vulture from Germany, who seem to not only have the same longing, but also try to do something about it. Vulture, that means speed, energy, blistering hot riffs, great hits and guitar solos that eat into your marrow.

With their now third album Dealin’ Death, they have finally managed to perfect themselves, their sound and their songwriting. I knew that I should have fun with this longplayer; however, the fact that it would occupy me for so long and not let go, I would not have expected.

Be it the accomplished “Gorgon” with its strong chorus, the authentically awesome “Star-Crossed City” or eternal earworms like the title track, “Below The Mausoleum” and the closing “The Court of Caligula”, Dealin Death’ not only wins all the way, it gives you an engaging feeling while listening to it, as if you were a teenager of the eighties.

So if, like me, you’re a boomer in the body of a late-twentysomething for whom only early Exodus matter, get converted to Vulture. If the band doesn’t have a great future, then Metal is proven dead.

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