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Creeping Death – The Edge of Existence EP (Review)

Band:Creeping Death
Release:The Edge of Existence EP
Genre:Death Metal
Release Date:8th of October, 2021
Released viaMNRK Heavy
Cover Artwork ©Creeping Death, 2021

Texas is the place to be. Whether Hardcore or Metal, for years the US state has established itself as the MVP of harder music. Next to bands such as Power Trip, Frozen Soul and Judiciary, Creeping Death should be on everyone’s lips since their debut album Wretched Illusions.

With a lot of rage in the belly, the quintet now reports back with a new EP. The Edge of Existence contains six songs and will be released on October 8th. The guys from Texas play a brute Death Metal that has some Hardcore influences. Similar to Gatecreeper, they take major inspiration from the great heroes of the 90s. If you like Autopsy, Suffocation or Obituary, you will get your money’s worth. The production knows how to please, it seems organic and not too clean. Especially the reverb on the vocals provides a devilish atmosphere.

Already on the title track “The Edge of Existence,” you can hear strong Florida Death Metal influences on the drumming. The slower parts remind me very much of Obituary, which is also confirmed by the song structure and the guitar solo. You almost have the feeling to be slowly crushed by the tempi changes. Brutality is definitely not a foreign word for the Texans. Skilfully they pack Hardcore influences into the songs. Especially the breakdown at the end of “Relics from the Past” screams for a mass brawl.

In my opinion, the strongest songs can be found at the end of the record. If someone hasn’t been knocked out by the bestial sound yet, this could definitely be the case after “Doused in Flames” or “Skinned Alive” at the latest. Frank Mullen is probably proud of the Texans. The intro directly ventures into a breakdown, which reminds a lot of Suffocation. As if this wasn’t enough, the track ends with a hard mosh part that leaves no one standing still. Brain surgery, without anaesthesia, done with a sledgehammer while 90s Death Metal is playing obscenely loud. The Edge of Existence is then abyssed by “Skinned Alive”. The name of the song is definitely on the schedule. At this point, Creeping Death show their whole finesse, who manage to write a Death Metal/Hardcore song that you keep in your head. The aspect that once marked a point of criticism for me on the debut album seems to develop in the right direction here.

With their new EP, Creeping Death have not skimped on brutality. Of course, nothing on the record sounds groundbreaking now. But anyone who knows the band also knows exactly what you get. Namely a punch in the stomach pit. Exactly this is the best way to describe the mix of Death Metal and Hardcore. No compromises, just bluntly in the face. If you want to let your aggressions run free, you will get your money’s worth with The Edge of Existence. Especially fans of Obituary, Suffocation, Hatebreed and Autopsy should listen to this!

7 / 10

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