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Inhuman Nature – Under the Boot (Review)

Band:Inhuman Nature
Album:Under the Boot
Genre:Thrash Metal / Crossover
Release Date:11th of February, 2022
Released via:Church Road Records

Polish your armour and sharpen your weapons! London’s finest are back. Two years after their split with Road Mutant, Inhuman Nature are finally back. With Under the Boot the new EP of these Thrashers was released on February 11th via Church Road Records . This one contains three songs, which will cause a lot of neck pain.

“City Of The Dead” starts with a post-apocalyptic intro that directly reminds of Thrash legends Slayer and Sepultura. Compared to the debut album, singer Christopher Barling sounds even more pissed off and angrier than before. In the usual Inhuman Nature manner, Thrash and Hardcore elements are skilfully mixed. So you better put on your best shoes, it’s time to dance. Especially the emerging atmospheres, which were a bit lacking on the previous releases, remind me strongly of classics such as Beneath the Remains or Arise – which I really did not expect. A very successful surprise.

The title track then goes straight into full swing. The first Dive Bomb makes you want to smash everything around you. The song sounds more like a continuation of “A Nuclear Frost” from the last record. Which is nothing bad! On the contrary, it seems like a good or better sequel to a movie. Especially the main riff invites to bang your head again and again. This is supported by the whipping drumming. Inhuman Nature definitely go more into Thrash territory here and detach their punky side a bit.

“Ride The Apocalypse” burns itself into the auditory canals through the catchy chorus . The track begins with a short intro, which Slayer or Power Trip could not have written better. “Apocalypse Now” – the song. Especially the riffing is outstanding. Catchy but still brutal as fuck. The mid tempo parts immediately give the impression of standing on a battlefield and looking death in the eye. This is reinforced by a short but sweet solo. Apart from that, the drumming feels very underrated, focus on the drum sound, it’s so good. The groove alone is a highlight for me.

Under The Boot is a more than solid EP. All three songs are well done and make you want more. To me it seems as if Inhuman Nature is progressing towards a pure Thrash Metal band with this release. Of course, you do not renounce the nasty mosh parts, but the punky attitude is missing something for me. Whereby this should be clearly felt especially at live gigs.

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