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Schizophrenia – Recollections of the Insane (Review)

Album:Recollections of the Insane
Genre:Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Country:Antwerp, Belgium
Release Date:17th February, 2022
Released viaSelf-Released
Cover Artwork ©Schizophrenia, 2022

If Death Metal and Thrash Metal had a baby, it would surely be called Schizophrenia. This amazing band from Antwerpen, Belgium is kicking out their long-awaited LP and finally 2022 begins with some crazy good vibes in here.

Deathrash from Beglium

Schizophrenia made an outstanding debut album with Recollections of the Insane presenting us their enormous potential.

Truly, 2022 starts just like the past 2 years, fighting with bad moods at work, in public or elsewhere. Missing some amazing gigs, headbanging with some friends and amazing bands such as Schizophrenia – this would have been grateful. But at least there’s an amazing album that will give you some great chills for starting 2022.

Recollections of the Insane doesn’t have to be missed at any Thrash party, because Schizophrenia know how set the room on fire. Those guys from Belgium are almost perfectly hitting the taste of modern fans of fast Thrash Metal fused with crushing Death Metal decorating their style with influences of Black Metal and Hardcore as well to a powerful debut album (They consider themselves Deathrash Metal, I really like that!). What more to say apart from the fact that these guys are already successful, their EP Voices rattled at the cage of the scene and left some footprints that have subsequently been solidified with the stomps they made with this great full-length. The production is perfectly balanced, wild, and still very straightforward without losing any pressure or appearing monotonous.

“Divine Immolation“ starts so epic, Black Metal riffing and disortion following with Thrash barrage, this catches me immediately and activates every muscle around my neck. A very virtuoso way to start this feast and very well chosen. This band precisely fits together in their work and the voice of Ricky Mandozzi is almost iconic, which gives this Thrash / Death Metal-based theme a similar touch to early Death and Morbid Angel in their completeness.

“Cranial Disintegration” hits me the most, everything fits perfectly, the build-up of tension is amazingly presented and the catchy energetic riffs compared to Ricky’s voice knocks me off instantly.

“Souls of Retribution” is another masterpiece that instantly turned me into a fan because I didn’t know them earlier. Everything on this track is perfect. The atmosphere and mood catch you right away and tear your thoughts away from reality, first with that great guitar solo then the following barrage pulls you back to the track. Ricky’s voice supported by gang shouts and perfectly adjusted voice effects gives this atmosphere a lot of emphasis. Very voiced, nearly uniquely presented.

“Sea of Sorrow” has that intense beginning that gets you in an energic state that accompanies you during the whole track – while listening I feel a connection between their bandname and their art of combining so much Extreme Metal genres, it’s really kinda schizophrenic or chaotic but with a straight storyline that swarms you. That blasting drumplay in the midpart together with that harsh groovy riff is really memorable!

Seriously I’m very keen to find out about their upcoming releases and their tour in April in the Netherlands with Evil Invaders and Cryptosis will get me the opportunity to check them out live and get my ass on a god damn great gig this year!

Favorite Tracks:
“Cranial Disintegration”“Cranial Disintegratiooooooon!!!”
“Souls of Retribution”“Just perfect!”

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