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Arm’s Reach – Fuel to My Hate (Recommendation)

Band:Arm’s Reach
Album:Fuel to My Hate
Release Date:5th of March 2021
Released viaMouth of Spite Records
Cover Artwork ©Mouth of Spite Records

Some time ago, I came across the new Arm’s Reach EP Fuel To My Hate, whose blistering riffing hooked me up as if on cue and has since thrilled me to no end. The Arizona band’s 7-track strong record captures just the right sound to reflect the mood of the current frustrating situation. Musically, the EP lies somewhere between groovy 90’s NY Crossover Hardcore and cold NWOBHC stomping vibe, but still sounds independent and catchy at all. So if you’re ever feeling the inevitable wrath on everything and everyone, it’s highly recommended to check out this release and practice a bit of shadowboxing while you’re listening to it.

Fuel To My Hate was officially published on March 5th 2021. Besides the digital release of the band, you can pick up the corresponding vinyl version via Mouth Of Spite Records, which also scores with it’s killer cover artwork in addition to the excellent produced sound.

Arm’s Reach are spitting such catchy Crossover Hardcore anthems at your face that the adrenaline in your body rushes up and you just want to jump around and sing along immediately. The only negative point is the fact that the presented music makes live concerts even more lacking than they have been for two years anyway. All in all, Fuel To My Hate is nothing really new but it’s exactly what you want to get from current Hardcore. Wicked to the core, exceedingly violent and energetic from front to back. That’s the poison you need in your veins during these harsh times.

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