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Dark Funeral – We are the Apocalypse (Review)

Band:Dark Funeral
Release:We are the Apocalypse
Genre:Black Metal
Release Date:18th of March, 2022
Released viaCentury Media Records
Cover Artwork ©Dark Funeral, 2021

To best discuss Dark Funeral’s music, you should probably address their clear target audience: Hey kids, stop smearing pentagrams on your basement walls with sharpie and read my words! You are into Black Metal, this forbidden music that your parents will most likely find horrible, but Emperor is too convoluted for you, Marduk and Gorgoroth only sound like noise to your untrained ear and with Mayhem you are only itching for the image, not the music? Then I have the right band for you:

Dark Funeral deliver exactly what you need to get started in the scene. With We are the Apocalypse they stay true to their textbook: record lyrics about hell, death, night and monsters; blastbeats and fast guitar riffs without end; a singer who sounds like he really means it and endless awesome songs to run through the forest behind your house at dusk. Dark Funeral truly don’t do anything that will impress old-established fans of the genre, but they are fun and, above all, well suited to find their way into the microcosm of Black Metal. In my opinion, they don’t really do anything wrong on their latest album, or at least nothing that didn’t already elicit a weary laugh on their previous works. Whether it’s “Nightfall“, “Nosferatu“, my favorite “Beyond the Grave” or the mighty “Leviathan“; each of the tracks ignites, even if they won’t pave any new paths for the band. As I said before, within the genre this won’t impress anyone anymore, but it doesn’t have to. Dark Funeral have achieved a more than respectable status during their existence, so I’m simply satisfied when albums are released that you can happily listen to more than once. And We are the Apocalypse is something like that.

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