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Moby Dig – The Fellowship of Doom (Recommendation)

Band:Moby Dig
Album:The Fellowship of Doom
Genre:Doom Metal
Release Date:17th of April, 2022
Released via:Self-Released
Coverart:Moby Dig, 2021

Moby Dig are changing. I feel it on Spotify. I hear it in my ears.
Once a band, consisting of three riders, with good songs but thin sound and expandable tightness, roaming the country, smoking, playing, dreaming. They were robbed of their foundation, abandoned by the rhythm. But it was not long before they called the dark ruler of the cauldrons to join them. Accepting the Don into their ranks, they were ambitious to achieve greater things than before. So they set out on a journey, three companions armed with strings, amplifiers and sticks, to find the lands of Doom.

They were not to disappoint, nor be disappointed. With the power and talent of their new mighty wizard who controlled thunder, they opened new realms. Gone were the days of pale drum tracks with regular fills. Gone were the days of the guitar ringing in the beat a little too early every now and then. Combining their forces, they created a massive chunk of music with “The Fellowship of Doom“, more than thirteen minutes long, engaging, dense and powerful. Riffs and sound make the fiery lands of Doomordor quake, while the mighty Don drives a relentless, yet unhurried march. Theme and tempo changes provide dynamics and variation, solos for atmosphere and the gray (in the hopefully next song white) wizard for a small portion of nostalgia. Only the length of individual passages could be adjusted now and then; so I, as an avid listener, feel the solo in the first third is too short. Thirteen minutes still doesn’t seem enough for such an opus. There is so much to show, so much to tell, albeit entirely without words. But the journey has begun and there is no thinking of going back. Something powerful is stirring in the shadows. This is only the beginning.

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