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Hellige – Camino de Agua (Recommendation)

Album:Camino de Agua
Genre:Black Metal, Doom Metal
Release Date:21st of October, 2021
Released via:Dying Sun Records
Coverart:Hellige, 2021

A lot of bands try to achieve a dark and atmospheric sound who pull you into the depths of riffs, drums and a growling voice. Not many of them achieve that entirely, like one of my favourite Doom albums of all time The Call Of The Wretched Seas by Ahab from 2006 which still is a benchmark for me in this genre. However, with Camino de Agua, Hellige released a solid album which will please keen fans of this genre.

This album is packed with its 30 minutes of dark, melodic and sombre music that really drags you into it. Sometimes the songs, especially the 15:29 monster of a song “Las urnas basálticas” show you a variation of playstyles and ideas. A  variation of all instruments that sometimes try to play along with each other while it feels like they try to drown the other deeper and deeper in their style of music. The voice and all of the other bandmembers eventually throw you into a maelstrom of hard riffs and drums that feel like liver punches.

Hellige’s Camino de Agua is a proper piece of music for everyone who likes the mixture of Black and Doom with a nice nuance of Funeral Doom. Especially “Las urnas basálticas” clearly is the highlight of the album and it is a song for every fan of this genre that I think will find its way on a lot of playlists.

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