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Black Magnet – Body Prophecy (Recommendation)

Bands: Black Magnet
Release: Body Prophecy
Genre: Industrial Metal
Country: USA
Release Date:29th of July, 2022
Released via20 Buck Spin
Cover ArtworkJesse Draxler

Instead of some “Cowboy Shit” from Oklahoma, Black Magnet deliver a nice Industrial Metal album in the style of bands such as Ministry or Godflesh, with a dash of Trent Reznor. Ten powerful tracks plus a remix by Justin K. Broadrick of the track “Incubate”, with a playtime of roundabout 35 minutes.

For me personally, it was a nice trip to the end of the 90s to listen to “Body Prophecy“. There was this phase when I listened to quite a lot to stuff like NIN, Manson or bands more connected to the Wave/Gothic scene with some industrial sounds like Project Pitchfork.

And all the elements I like I can find on all of the tracks of the album. First, there are the typical, powerful drumsounds – a mixture of digital and analog elements. Straightforward guitar riffs, not too complicated, just full of energy, layers of keys and other samples to fill the panorama that soaks you into the the music.

Incubate is the one with the most “Reznor”-flavour in it, its remix and Float In Nothing are great songs for the dark dancefloors, Sold Me Sad comes along with a nearly clean guitar and the vocals remind me of a horror movie.

Usually I don’t like my music too electronical, but this one here has the right amount of it for a dark and filthy athmosphere.

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