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Kanine – Karnage (Review)

Bands: Kanine
Release: Karnage
Genre: Slam Death / Deathcore
Country: Strasbourg, France
Release Date:8th of July, 2022
Released viaLacerated Enemy Records
Cover ArtworkArmaada Art

Karanage’s cover is a rabid looking bloodsoaked Cerberus in a frozen hell. What is inside of it is kinda represented in the sense of the rabid aggression it shows off and not in the frozen part.

This French Slam Deathcore is some of the finest and most diverse you can get surprised by.

After a short intro, this album opens up to intimidate with brutality and doesn’t fuck around to blast you with hard Deathcore right away. A tight and hard soundwall hits you with full force with some very brutal vocals that go from screaming to full guttural with tight drums, pressing guitars and some hints that you can slightly expect some slam-elements.

When the second track “Gangrene” hits you, you get the full mixture of Slam and Deathcore. Forward-pressing  sound with hard breaks and with the ever-so-brutal drums to drive through the whole thing. Here is the first time you get vocals that sound like a human (I know, shocking) but it fits and helps to create a diverse sound which you will get throughout the whole thing. Every track following feels unique in some way or element that it has, like the really melodic solo on its title-track “Karnage” but overall the composition is homogenous enough that it never feels disconected or not fitting.

And the switch from real high to ultra low notes in its entirety gives a real varied listening experience. The sound goes from high pressure core parts to nice slow dragging slam and back to it with the aforementioned twist as on “Anubis” with the Egyptian melody. The vocal range on the tracks is immense and goes from guttural to different screams that it’s a real joy. Never in it’s entirety it gets boring.

Sometime you get a bit of a long break but that is okay. All is played superb from its guitars to the never-stopping pressure of the drums and has a clear and crisp production value so you can enjoy every note till the end. For a debut this is a solid one and makes you want more.

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