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Grave Bathers – Rock’n’Roll Fetish (Review)

Grave Bathers
Bands: Grave Bathers
Release: Rock’n’Roll Fetish
Genre: Psycho Doom Rock
Country: USA
Release Date:5th of August, 2022
Released viaSeeing Red Records
Cover ArtworkSeeing Red Records

Okay guys, YES, I’m talking to you, you Grave Bathers!!! What the hell is wrong with you? You put a 90 seconds drum solo into your second song “Brain Thief” on your debut “Rock’n’Roll Fetish“? Furthermore there are these fuzzy guitars, dozens of heavy, high-driven riffs and licks… on each damn song. Are you crazy? I had a really hard nightshift, just want to drink my beers and relax and then… THAT?

That’s not fair! Twelve songs with a playtime of 75 (!!!) minutes. I need to go to bed after my nightshift, and you don’t let me go. “Vampire of The Rock Operator” binds me for nearly 10:45min to my speakers. “Taser Shields” is your shortest track with 3:27min, but most of the songs are nearly twice as long… What is wrong with you? Don’t you know the damn rules?

On almost each song, there is a damn lick, riff or solo that makes me grab my fucking guitar to play along. That’s not fair! How shall I play my finger-desk-drum while playing guitar? And than there are the basslines. That’s not okay..

At least there seem to be no cowbells on your tracks… otherwise it would be to good to get some sleep.

To make it short, guys, you damn Grave Bathers. Great job and thank you for this experience!

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