Doom Rock, Post-Rock, Psychedelic Rock

Endlingr – Tra (Recommendation)

Endlingr - Tra Cover
Genre:Psychedelic / Post-Rock
Release Date:27th of October, 2023
Released viaConsouling Sounds

It’s autumn. Fields are getting misty in the morning and going to work and coming home from in the dark becomes common practice. The mood drops in the same way the leaves are falling. Though those are colorful, that what is left behind is grey emptiness.

Endlingr‘s newest album Tra falls exactly into that vein. Three meditations of slow, atmospheric Post-Rock with a slight note of Psychedelic. Clocking in around 48 minutes, this is one long stroll along the abyss.

Crest” slowly takes you by the hand into this album. It reminds my of that awesome ISIS / Aereogramme In the Fishtank EP (which you should definitely check out, if you are into anything remotely Post-Rock).

Ent” is the massive centerpiece of this album, the root from which all grows. Half an hour of everything that has come before and after this track. Rock gives way to Ambient-like soundscapes which fall into a wall of sound.

Tra” speeds thing up the end of this journey. Around the middle you suddenly feel the urge to take your horse and ride into the monochrome sunset accompanied by Post-Rock guitar crescendos.

Tra mesmerizes with its sound, atmosphere and aesthetic. This isn’t a cup of tea in the warmth of your home, this is watching life walk by on a bench with nature having its way.

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