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Voidhra – Sorrow Guides Us All (Video Premiere)

Release:Sorrow Guides Us All (off s/t album)
Genre:Black Metal
Release Date:15th of September, 2022 (Video Release)
Released viaThe Crawling Chaos Records
Cover ArtworkVoidhra, 2021

At the end of 2021, back then one-man-band Voidhra served with their first offering Sorrow Guides Us All that definitely found good resonance within our team (Review). Freezing Black Metal showcasing the finest of symbiosis bringing together old and new school Black Metal is strongly delivered on this debut release. Over the months following the release of this debut album, Voidhra were able to form as an entire band so as to be able to conjure up their music for live audiences as well.

We’re incredibly stoked to be able to present you the video premiere for Voidhra’s album-titled track “Sorrow Guides Us All” underlined with images from their first live show captured by Iridum Stream at the Bavarian Battle Show!

Make sure to check out the entire full-length released via Crawling Chaos Records, still available at the Crawling Chaos Shop!

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