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Haexler – Wage, Work (Review)

Release:Wage, Work
Genre:Power Violence
Release Date:11th of November, 2022
Released viaLower Class Kids Records
Cover ArtworkSinus Kurve & KGB Kurt

Our system is corrupted. Our system exploits people. We work to make rich people even richer.

That’s probably how Haexler from Leipzig felt when they wrote their new EP.

Wage, Work was already released on November 11th and since then, it made some waves in the underground scene.

In nine minutes, you get blast beats without an end fired into your face.

Out of thirteen songs, none lasts longer than 74 seconds. Power Violence, baby! 

Already with the opener “Networking” you realize immediately what to expect. Fast and uncompromising music. No time for gimmicks, trends or anything else. Haexler will crush your body with their very heavy sound.

The EP was produced very well. Rarely have I heard a Power Violence record that sounds so organic and clean.

“Entrepreneurship” is kind of surprising with some Hardcore elements that you didn’t necessarily notice on the songs before. If you want to mosh, you are more than invited to do so during this song. Soundwise, these guys from Leipzig manage to create an interesting mixture. 

The beginning of “Family Firm” clearly shows this. It starts like a D-Beat track and shortly afterwards you will get your face kicked in. Metal or Hardcore, minor influences are well placed on Wage, Work. Overall, the EP sounds like a mixture of Magrudergrind, Henry Fonda and Afgrund. Aggressive without an end! Lyrically, Haexler are touching topics like the grievances of our work culture in a very smart way. Again, no gimmicks, no trends, just facts. 

Rarely has a band surprised me as much as Haexler by outplaying bands like Escuela Grind by far.

Shout outs to Lower Class Kids for always finding the best underground bands in the scene and giving them a chance to release their stuff via this beautiful crafted DIY label.  

Go listen to Wage, Work and support fast music. 

Released via many great Labels in November 2022

500 Black one-sided 12″ by

Black Omega Recordings [US/DE]

D.I.Y. Koło Records [PL]

Fies ins Gesicht aka DIT Records [DE]

Hetacombe Records [ES]

Holy Goat Records [DE]

Loner Cult Records [BE]

Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records [UK]

Santa Diabla [DE]

SM Musik [DE]

Šváb Records [CZ]

Togue Sol Distribución [CZ]

130 Tapes (80 regular, 50 colored) by

Home Mort [IT]

Lower Class Kids Records [DE]

Ring Leader [PT]


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