Black Metal, Doom Metal

Lunar Chamber – Shambhallic Vibrations (Review)

Band:Lunar Chamber
Release:Shambhallic Vibrations
Genre:Progressive Death Metal
Release Date:28th of April, 2023
Released via20 Buck Spin
Cover ArtworkMoonroot

Okay… where should we actually start with this one!? Damn! This is pretty tough to review for me but I’ll give my best. Let’s start with the artwork: I really like the art! It*s really not showing what music hides behind it… as I saw it first, I thought it would be Doom Metal, maybe atmospheric Black Metal? I like the idea that the artwork does not clearly reveal what music is behind it, as it is really often the case.

Music: Even though it’s only an EP, there is so, so much going on here! If I take a big step back and look at it from a greater distance, it’s something that you can easily label as atmospheric, progressive Death Metal. That’s basically it if you want to go for the low hanging fruit. If you listen carefully for the second, third or for the twelfth time, as I did, you will find much, much more than that. There are some subtle dissonant elements to be heard here, quite a lot that originates in Brutal Death Metal, obviously progressive bits, and even some doom-like passages to build up or re-build that monumental closing track of almost 13 minutes length, which is called “III. Crystalline Blessed Light Flows… From Violet Mountains Into Lunar Chambers”. Mhmmm, what a song title, right? I love it! For my taste honestly, this last song is a bit too long, it drags a little… but you can definitely hear that they put in a lot of thought and work in there. There is no doubt about that.

The clear and punchy production is a bit different for this style (well… IF! there is a style like this, haha) and also the faster, more complex parts being played by these profilic dudes sounds different and much fresher than we are used to hear. The reason for it might be that all 3 members are and were in several awesome bands, such as Lümenwood, The Ritual Aura, Alcyone, Theurgy, Tomarum, Progeny and Proliferation. Now that I think about Proliferation (huge fan here btw.)… The low, clear vocals, which can be heard here and there remind me of Proliferation, and are rather restrained and minimalistic. They also go really well with the subtle, not too obvious far eastern melodies you can notice here and there. That all adds a whole different depth to it all and yet another refreshing layer.

With all that said, this debut EP by Lunar Chamber is really impressive and grows on you with every listen more and more! Get on it and and get ready for a crazy journey.

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