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Eremit – Entombed in a Prism of Blindness (Single Premiere)

Bands: Eremit
Release: Wearer of numerous Forms
Genre: Death Doom Metal
Country: Germany (Osnabrück)
Release Date:6th of June, 2023
Released viaFucking Kill Records
Drei Gleichen
Cover ArtworkAdam Burke

We’re proud to announce that we will be able to present the second single off German Death Doom heavyweight Eremit’s upcoming third full-length Wearer of numerous Forms that is going to be released on the 6th of July via Fucking Kill Records in co-operation with the band-owned label Drei Gleichen.

The 4×12” vinyl variant of Wearer of numerous Forms is going to hit you in different colors that you will be able to purchase at Fucking Kill Records. The colors are going to range from regular black vinyl over yellow-black marbled pressings to green-marbled pressings and a solid-gold Fucking Kill Records exclusive variant. The pre-order will start on the 5th of May, so better be quick.

After having experienced the darkest recesses of the grotto Udun-Ba, protagonist Umno faced its lord, Ungô, the Bearer of many Names on the second full-length. Read a brief recollection of the preceding story here. This sophomore full-length release narratively marked the integration of the Desert of Ghouls 10” into the second chapter of the first book that tells the story of the hermit. On this third album (and third book), the first cycle will be brought to an end, ushering in the second cycle of the first epos that is going to follow.

So far, it was already possible to get an idea of what is about to come by taking a closer look at the album artwork of Wearer of numerous Forms as well as the snippet of the first chapter (first track) “Conflicting Aspects of Reality” that was already presented via Deaf Forever (here). Apart from that, even the fact that the 16 minutes that were presented via Deaf Forever were only a short sequence of the first track that is a monolith of over 60 minutes already shows you what is about to happen.

On the second track “Entombed in a Prism of Blindness,” we will get to re-experience what was narrated already on the first track of the album.  However, the narration will differ, regarding outcome of the story as well as (obviously) the sound of the narration. With a droning introduction, we get to experience a tone that reconnects with the strong affinity to Death Doom that was very present on the first full-length Carrier of Weight. Initially, Punk drums convey a soundscape that rather reminds of a strong Sludge tone, this speed is later slowed down though, eventually associating with the crushing, monolithic sound that opened up this cycle.

Experience yourself, dive into the universe of Umno and prepare for the full-length to be released!

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