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Greh – Reversion of the Repressed (Review)

Release:Reversion of the Repressed
Genre:Death Metal, Doom Metal
Release Date:1st of June, 2022
Released viaGREH Recordings
Cover ArtworkAlfi Feijoa

This article is written by Kath Herrmann

The one-man-project GREH has grown up to a band in the meantime. With new vocals and drummer, the band released a new EP Reversion of the Repressed on the 31rd of March, 2023. The unique selling point with only one guitar and no bass remains. The band leaves the previous sludge sound a little behind with the new line-up and now also offers the listener death metal sounds. So this mixes a successful change to the previous sound and makes it even more catchy. A single with an accompanying video was also already released.

The single “Sanctification” impresses with the new vocals and the dragging guitar sound. In my eyes, the first song of the EP “Inhumed to Forget” is particularly striking and my tip to listen. From July on, the band will perform live for the first time and even present new songs live again. So it remains exciting how the band develops further.

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