Undeath, Heriot @ Trompete (Bochum)

Bands:Undeath, Heriot
Date:16th of June, 2023
Location:Trompete, Bochum

This was a tough decision. It seems as if post-covid times serve with a massive offer for different concerts. Thus, the recurring difficult decision which show to join returned on Friday, the 16th of June. On the one hand, we had an amazing show with Heriot and Undeath at the Trompete in Bochum. On the other hand, though, there was also the possibility to join the AZ Mülheim, bringing you Morsch, Teratoma and Carnal Tomb. Eventually, we decided to visit the show that is also presented by Transcended Music Blog, and this seems to have been a wise decision.

Since time has run low on me, we decided to go to this show by car, which means we did not have to head off too early. Once having arrived in Bochum, we had to drive our obligatory 27 turns around the city in order to find a spot for parking until we eventually arrived. It has been some time since I went to the Trompete the last time, so I only had vague memories about the spot. When walking down this dungeon, the smell of an ever-running smoke machine and damp heat welcomes you, showing you that you chose the right spot within a few seconds.

To be honest, I did not know the opening band Heriot before the show. Only afterwards I found out that our boy Thomas reviewed their last output at TMB, probably because it was released on his hyperfocus label Church Road Records. I listened into a few tracks before the show and considered this band to be not exactly fitting to the line-up, with Undeath playing your almost purist Old School Death Metal tone. And boy – have – I – been – wrong. I mean yes, basically, Heriot’s music differs widely from what Undeath is playing. However, when you have a band that perfectly heats up the energy for the headliner, you actually don’t mind a lot about that. Heriot were able to do exactly that. Although stage time was originally set to be at 8.30, Heriot started boiling up the location at 8.00 already. Fortunately enough, we were there already and had also entered the venue. A simmering, industrial-esque intro sound briefly introduces the band before the first riff hits you right into your face. Both vocalists, Jake as well as Debbie, were evidently enjoying what they were playing. In the beginning, it seems that a larger share of the audience was quickly convinced whereas some of the listeners were still in the back. A few tracks of neck-breaking rhythms later, the entire venue was vibing their stuff. Constant shuffles between fast blasts, sludgy stomps and menacing, slow mosh parts built the set for the day. Especially those slow rhythms that really got you going were the major drive of this show. When Heriot were finished, everyone was heated up for the next act.

During the break, we went out to take some fresh air. While doing so, we unfortunately missed the first track headliner Undeath played but went in immediately when we found out that the following set was already running. Entering the venue, you could instantly see that everyone was already deeply into Undeath’s show. And boy what a set. Vocalist Alex was seemingly enjoying this performance and went fully mad right at the beginning. After having announced his love for German mineral water, the show went on and at some spots you could no longer tell whether this was a Death Metal or a Hardcore show. There was some moshing, yes, but I’m rather talking about the fact that the interaction between audience and band was so damn good that it rather reminded me of seeing your favorite Hardcore act. Playing a selection of their different releases, Undeath were able to meet the needs of all of the participants of this show. We had several friends with us that did not know Undeath before the show. When they were finished, all of them were entirely convinced of what they just heard. Alex also mentioned that he absolutely favored the fact that it was possible to set up a show with just two bands in Germany, people come and enjoy those bands and go home afterwards. According to him, this was not at all possible in the US. Scanning the mood of the audience after Undeath’s set, it seemed as if everyone was quite satisfied having enjoyed those two acts.

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