Upcoming Show: Tombstoned Fest Open Air 2023 (Concerts)

Event:Tombstoned FestOpen Air 2023
Date:8th of July, 2023
Location:JunkYard, Dortmund
Promoter:JunkYard Rock

To everyone who lives in the Ruhr Area and belongs to the group of people continuously enjoying music within the fields of heavier tones, the recurring Tombstoned Fest in the JunkYard Dortmund has probably already become a name. To us at TMB, this format has become more and more interesting. The first ever occurrence of this fest was originally planned to become one of the first meetings of the earlier TMB team. Unfortunately, this show was cancelled. However, the following Tombstoned Fest that then took place was, as a matter of fact, presented by Transcended Music Blog and we couldn’t have been happier! The Tombstoned Fest Open Air now reaches its third anniversary with yet another slamming line-up! Better prepare yourself!

Saturday, 8th of July

GRAVE (SWE, Death Metal)

It’s been some time since Grave last destroyed the German club and festival stages. However, the legendary Swedish death metal band will play at the Tombstoned Fest Open Air. Alongside Dismember and Entombed, Grave are among the absolute elite of Swedish death metal. Albums like Into the Grave or You’ll Never See… belong in every well sorted record collection. Since 1988, these Scandinavians have been tearing up every stage, no matter if it’s a small club show or big festivals. For many fans, Grave is one of the most constant death metal bands ever. The numerous releases, including eleven albums definitely speak for themselves. Fans can expect a real spectacle, because after this performance the Tombstoned Fest should be nothing more than “Extremely Rotten Flesh”.

[Max Transcended]

UNLEASHED (SWE, Death Metal)

From one legendary Swedish death metal band to the next. All the way from Stockholm, we present Unleashed as this year’s headliner for Tombstoned Fest Open Air. Genre-defining Unleashed is one of the first bands, if not the first band, to lyrically deal with topics like Scandinavian history in the extreme metal genre. Swing Mjöllnir and crush the skull of your enemies, while the Swedes will heat you up with classics like “Before the Creation of Time”. Death Metal Victory!

[Max Transcended]

MIDNIGHT (US, Black / Speed Metal)

It has probably become impossible to pass US Black Speed Metal heavyweights Midnight, always being in the middle of the discussion for their amazing live shows. Obviously, this is an absolutely worthy line-up addition that perfectly interconnects the Swedish Death Metal side of this day with the Thrash Metal at the other end. Bringing forth nasty Black Metal tones with pushing-to-the-front Speed Metal and having returned with their latest full-length Let There be Witchery last year, it is highly recommendable to not miss Midnight at the Tombstoned Open Air Fest this year!


Ever-progressing Swedish Death (+ Gothic) Metal band Tribulation encompass the full set of harsh tones of Death Metal and adding a very personal nuance on all of their releases. Having released their latest EP Hamartia in 2023, this is reason alone to make sure to see their latest output on stage this year. If you’re interested in music that intends to specifically push genre boundaries, make sure to take your time for Tribulation.

SPACE CHASER (DE, Thrash Metal)

It hasn’t worked out the last time when Space Chaser wanted to visit Dortmund. Hence, the energy is at maximum level to finally welcome those German Thrash blasters with their latest full-length Give Us Life that most definitely brought forth one of the best official videos of 2021 for their track “Remnants of Technology.” If you watch space getting thrashed away by Space Chaser, make sure to serve with at least the same amount of energy when the stage is crushed at the JunkYard!

ANCST (DE, Black Metal)

Ancst from Berlin will open this year’s Tombstoned Fest. For years the band has been touring through small and big cities in Germany and neighbouring countries. With their mix of black metal, crust and hardcore, the Berliners are an established name in the underground scene. But also, on the big stages, such as the Summer Breeze Festival, Ancst could achieve great popularity for themselves. Social and political grievances are the lyrical DNA of the band. Ancst stands up for exactly what they believe. Maybe the perfect opener for this festival?!

[Max Transcended]

HARLOTT (AU, Thrash Metal)

In order to serve with full Thrash force, Space Chaser are accompanied by Australian Thrash combo Harlott that adds the nuances of Death-driven Thrash Metal, which is the perfect heat to open up this day. If you want to be introduced to all facettes of what is going to happen that night, make sure to arrive early enough to see the opening acts, both Ancst and Harlott are definitely worth an early arrival!

Doors 13:00, Start 13:30
Tickets: Shogun Shop, Eventim,

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