Ambient, Experimental, Post-Rock

The Deafening Silence – Night Lights (Recommendation)

Band:The Deafening Silence
Release:Night Lights
Genre:Post-Rock, Ambient, Electronica, Experimental
Country:United Kingdom
Release Date:19th of April, 2023
Released viaself released

Music is strange. Sometimes we feel positive or negative emotions when we listen to music, other times we associate memories with it or just exuberance. Post-Rock for example often triggers the feeling of being pulled into something, to float in empty space. But what I felt with Night Lights by The Deafening Silence was new and strange. I felt a pleasant coldness that calmed and relaxed me in the summer heat.

James Parker’s solo project manages to create sound spaces on this album that come very close to the cover art. The first song of the album “Reason and Promise” is a good example. The riffs are pleasantly surrounded by slightly echoing electronic sound arrangements and kept in check by the drums. The almost 8 minutes fly by.

I was also captivated by “Further North, South Of The Sun”, which starts like a cold breeze in the auditory canal, but then it wanders more and more into the electronic realm until, for my taste, it even takes on the calm moments of TRON, which are later harmonised by simple but effective riffs and drums.

Most of the songs have these strengths and make it a great genre album for the most part. I was particularly impressed by the fact that it is a solo project. It has its rough edges, other productions are certainly cleaner and a bit more varied. It is best to listen to this album as I did: in a quiet place where you can enjoy the setting sun in the summer heat.

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