20 Bands You Should Not Miss at the Party.San 2023

Event:Party.San 2023
Date:10th – 12th August
Location:Schlotheim – Flugplatz Obermehler

As usual, when going to a festival it still remains difficult to decide what acts to see and who to skip. Especially when the line-up is as packed as this year’s Party.San 2023 – it is always helpful to have a second opinion in order to draw your plan for all of the days. This is why we at Transcended Music Blog put together a list of 20 acts that you certainly shouldn’t miss when being there this year!

Thursday, 10th of August

Gatecreeper – Mainstage
(4.45 – 5.30 p.m.)

Perhaps one of the hottest bands at the festival are Gatecreeper. Even though the band comes from Tucson/Phoenix, Arizona, this is more due to the previously released albums “Sonoran Depravation” and “Deserted” which have conquered the metal scene for themselves. With their mix of OSDM and hardcore, Gatecreeper have been destroying club and festival stages since 2013. Finally, back in Europe, the US guys will do the same at Party.san on Thursday.

Helslave – Tentstage
(5.20 – 5.55 p.m.)

For fans of the HM2 chainsaw sound, Helslave from Rome is an absolute must-see experience. Legendary bands like Dismember and Grave have clearly shaped the sound of these Italians. Grab your favorite chainsaw, because heads will roll in front of the tent stage. A tribute to Swedish death metal and certainly a first big highlight.

Archspire – Mainstage
(5.45 – 6.30 p.m.)

Fast, faster, Archspire. I’m not sure if these Canadians are even human, or secretly from another planet. At least you might think so while listening to their music. I don’t know any band that can play so fast and precise. Technical death metal is alive and kicking, thanks to Archspire. A true musical masterpiece, which will leave one or the other visitor speechless, trust me.

Morbific – Tentstage
(7.30 – 8.05 p.m.)

You know those sigils on Bavarian beer that legitimately showcase the origin of this certain beer you’re holding? I’d suggest that we need a similar sigil when it comes to Finnish Death Metal, because Death Metal that comes from Finland most frequently brings a certain amount of quality. This definitely is the case for Finnish rotten Death Metal combo Morbific, who just recently released a massive split together with Galvanizer. This is Death Metal in the most rancid kind of ways – you gotta love it! One of the absolute highlights on this fest!

[Roman Transcended]

Tribulation – Mainstage
(7.55 – 8.40 p.m.)

No matter what period of Tribulation you’re regarding, this band never disappointed either with their earlier straightforward Death Metal or their later infusions into the genre. Breathing the construction of atmosphere, it is always recommendable to go see Tribulation.

[Roman Transcended]

Nile – Mainstage
(9 – 10 p.m.)

For 30 years Karl Sanders has regularly provided us with Egyptian mythology paired with technical death metal. Classics like “Papyrus Containing The Spell To Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In The Water” or “Sarcophagus” will take the Party.San back to long forgotten times. In the end, there will probably be nothing left but sand and mummies when Nile finish their set.

Deicide – Mainstage
(10.20 – 11.20 p.m.)

It’s Glen Benton, what else do you wanna hear?

[Roman Transcended]

Obituary – Mainstage
(11.45 p.m. – 1.00 a.m.)

A lot of fans thought – grading tby the cover of OGs Obituary’s latest release Dying of Everything – that those old farts will consistently re-produce what they’ve been doing for years. No matter if you thought this was the case in the end, we scientifically proved that this shit still slaps! – (Review) – Obituary already showcased with their prior self-titled album that they’re still capable of writing good music. Worth a listen for sure!

[Roman Transcended]

Friday, 11th of August

Concrete Winds – Tentstage
(6.25 – 7.00 p.m.)

If you ever wondered what the sonical manifestation of a nervous breakdown sounded like, just dive into Concrete Winds’ latest release Nerve Butcherer. This clearly takes its name by heart. The absolute frenzy that breaks free right from the beginning of this release had me smile throughout the entire album. I wonder if the Tentstage will still be there once they’re finished.

[Roman Transcended]

Midnight – Mainstage
(6.50 – 7.35 p.m.)

Classics like “You Can’t Stop Steel” or “Satanic Royalty” will turn the front of the mainstage into a wild party. With beer cups flying through the air and fans going nuts punching each other in the face. Midnight know exactly how to heat up the audience. Tight riffs, metal and a lot of blasphemy is all you need. This is exactly what Midnight combines in a wonderful way. Grab a cold drink and let’s rage.

Black Curse – Tentstage
(7.30 – 8.05 p.m.)

I don’t think that I need to tell you a lot about Black Curse. They’re full-length debut Endless Wound totally rampaged through the Death Metal scene, leaving you wounded on the battlefield. What a total disaster this album is – in a positive way. I really can’t understand what madman thought that it was a good idea to have Concrete Winds followed by Black Curse – but it’s going to capture the hearts of those that are into total chaos.

[Roman Transcended]

Sijjin – Tentstage
(8.35 – 9.10 p.m.)

Like a phoenix, Sijjin rises from the ashes of Necros Christos. The sound of the death metal maniacs is strongly oriented towards the first works of Morbid Angel. So, if you feel like a little time travel and want to be transported back to the 90s, you should definitely visit the tent stage on Friday. Their debut “Sumerian Promises” was very well received by the metal community. So be sure to check them out.

Grave Miasma – Tentstage
(9.50 – 10.30 p.m.)

On Friday, Sepulchral Voice Records will host the label night of the Party.San Open Air. Grave Miasma are a more than worthy headliner for the tent stage. With their nasty mix of black and death metal, these Englishmen will probably leave some fans eating dust. If you ever wondered how it must feel to be run over by a steamroller, check out Grave Miasma.

Dying Fetus – Mainstage
(10.20 – 11.20 p.m.)

Dying f’n Fetus. One of the bands that have never disappointed me and probably never will. The kings when it comes to brutal and technical death metal. For me it’s still a mystery how a three-piece can create such a brute sound. Dying Fetus are always on of the best bands at every festival they play. A pure demonstration of power. Better check out Dying Fetus, because they are definitely the “Wrong One to Fuck With”.

Saturday, 12th of August

Frozen Soul – Mainstage
(12.45 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.)

Frozen Soul from Texas will provide the perfect cool down. Their so-called “cold school death metal” is almost an homage to the glory days of Bolt Thrower and Obituary. Certainly, one of the hottest bands of the last months, Frozen Soul stand for uncompromising death metal. Their new album “Glacial Domination” is already one of the best releases of 2023. Frozen Soul are no longer an insider tip, definitely one of many highlights at the Party.San, which you should not miss. Stay cold.

Spectral Wound – Mainstage
(1.45 – 2.30 p.m.)

Those Canadians already captured my attention with their full-length debut. With the release of their sophomore full-length A Diabolic Thirst, they forcefully took their spot in the Black Metal scene. If you thought that it was no longer possible to release a purist Black Metal album that is not derivative, you were definitely proven wrong by those guys. Go watch their show – you probably knew that already.

[Roman Transcended]

Skitsystem – Mainstage
(2.45 – 3.30 p.m.)

Swedish Crust legends Skitsystem clearly stand out when regarding the lineup of this year’s Party.San. However, marking their position as one of the predecessors of your favorite genres, this pioneer outfit can’t be more fitting. It’s not really necessary to convince you watching Skitsystem live – however keep in mind you are certainly going to regret it if you decided differently. Who knows when you’re gonna have your next chance.

[Roman Transcended]

Stormkeep – Tentstage
(5.20 – 5.55 p.m.)

Stormkeep will probably turn the tent stage into a mystical world. The all-star project, which includes musicians from Blood Incantation, Wayfarer and Mortuous, has been a fixture in the metal underground. At least since their debut album “Tales of Othertime” was released. The melodic sounds of Stormkeep will surely captivate the crowd in front of the tent stage. Fans of Dissection or Sacramentum should not miss them.

Immolation – Mainstage
(6.50 – 7.35 p.m.)

Immolation are not only one of the most important representatives of death metal coming from New York, but also one of the most constant bands ever. For many fans and critics, the legendary US death metal band has never released a bad album. This year Immolation replace Vital Remains, who unfortunately had to cancel for health reasons. A big praise goes out to the Party.san crew, who were able to announce a more than worthy replacement in no time. Classics like “Father, You’re Not a Father” or “Burn With Jesus” will satisfy even the last critics of this booking.

Endstille – Mainstage
(7.55 – 8.40 p.m.)

2008 was the last time Endstille played at Party.san open air. After 15 years it is more than overdue that the German Black Metal icon will turn the stage into a battlefield. Even though fans are still waiting for a new album, there won’t be much left after Endstille’s performance except a “Endstille Reich”.

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