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Dying Fetus – Make Them Beg For Death (Review)

Bands: Dying Fetus
Release: Make Them Beg For Death
Genre: Death Metal
Country: USA
Release Date:8th of September, 2023
Released viaRelapse Records

Marylands hardest are finally back with their newest bludgeoning called Make Them Beg For Death. Bangers only, technical death metal ripping of your balls, feeding them to the dogs after stomping on them. Review done. Well that’s how I could write this review, still being fairly accurate as with every album the three piece around John Gallagher deliver what is promised. And anyone interested in their music just know, that these guys never really release anything half-assed. But that would not really satisfy anyone, reading this piece of words. So let’s dive a little deeper into the groups ninth release.

After a rather long waiting time after the release of 2017’s Wrong One To Fuck with, the trio around Guitar maniac and vocalist John Gallagher, Bassist and Vocalist Sean Beasly as well as drum wizard Trey Williams, really cut all the fat on Make Them Beg For Death. While their albums usually revolve around the 30 minute mark, Wrong one to fuck with marked a novelty for the long-standing band, clocking in at nearly an hour. With music this heavy and complex, things start blending together rather fast, which lead to the album being a little too long for its own good.

While writing their newest outing, Dying Fetus seem to have been aware of that case as Make them beg for death is devoid of any filler and provides a nonstop onslaught of technical riffing and sweeping guitars, the well known intertwining death grunts of the two axe men and an extraordinary rhythm foundation provided by Trey Williams. The groove has been upped significantly as well, since the sonic direction feels like a mixture of their two biggest records in Reign supreme and Destroy the opposition on songs like “Compulsion for cruelty” or the absolutely disgusting “When the trend ends“. Also each songs manages to integrate catchy parts that get stuck in your head (see the solo in “Feast of ashes” for instance or the lead melody in “Unbridled fury“) which is a commedable achievement for music this heavy.

In summary, the band might have dropped another classic within their discography with Make them beg for death. Of course they also outclassed 99% of their contemporaries once again. But you already knew that anyway.

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