Casey – How To Disappear (Review)

Casey - How to disappear
Release:How To Disappear
Release Date:12th of January, 2024
Released viaHassle Records

Casey have been a band and now are again. After their live return at the beginning of 2023 and two interim singles “Atone” and “Great Grief“, they now release their first new album since 2018 called How To Disappear. The void they left behind was big, the hopes are high and the anticipation for this album are beyond any scales.

Casey continue right where they left off after Where I go when I am sleeping. “Unique Lights” serves as a warm “Welcome back” from a long lost dear friend. It just bathes in sweet melancholy and at the same time you just want to hug the world, when those big riffs hit. One line that sticks is definitely “cause I am happier now” and that is something that you can feel through the whole record.

How to disappear glows with warmth and just feels optimistic, which sounds something odd compared to the emotional weight they’ve been carrying with their last release. Lyrically it still isn’t all “Happy go lucky”, but the delivery just feels lighter. Beside the mentioned opener, “For Katie” or the prior to the album released single “Bite Through My Tongue” would pass as veritable club hits.

The trio of “Selah“, “Space between” and “Blush” is what reminded me in the strongest way of Where I go when I am sleeping. Very slow, introspective and almost voyeuristic in its honesty. Casey’s music has always been a work of love and with love goes being open so I guess that is the “price” we have to pay to experience their art.

How To Disappear” ironically closes this album since Casey have just come back to bless us with their music. It one of the best songs on the album and could not end it better. Casey are a band again. Let’s hope that the question of “How to disappear” doesn’t get answered very soon so that Casey will stay with us for a long time.

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