Screamo, Shoegaze

Infant Island – Obsidian Wreath (Review)

Infant Island Obsidian Wreath
Band:Infant Island
Release:Obsidian Wreath
Genre:Screamo, Shoegaze
Release Date:12th of January, 2024
Released viaSecret Voice
Cover ArtworkSarah Bachman

Community is a great thing. Achieving something greater doing it together. Being part of niche-culture has its advantages. A lot of things can be done more swiftly and there is a lot less fear of a possible reaction, because an open mind is kind of a minimum requirement to be part of that culture. Obsidian Wreath is a work of love and community.

Infant Island release their third album Obsidian Wreath shortly after the birth of 2024. Instead of letting old wounds heal they don’t stop at picking scabs, they even widen the wounds. Their musical weapons of choice are Screamo combined with Black Metal elements, Shoegaze and emotional impact.

The opener „Another Cycle“ already embodies that said qualities. Within all this fury there’s always tenderness to be found. It’s like turned around by a big wave. While losing balance and orientation, you still gaze at the light being broken beautifully on the surface. „With Shadows“ is also a track that mustn’t be missed if the first one is down your alley.

The Greet Death-collab-track „Kindling“ is as beautiful as it is menacing. Harper and Logan open up this song with dreamy vocal sung over ethereal guitars when suddenly all the lush colours are inverted and Infant Island bring their weight to the table.

Veil” and the epic closer “Vestygian” are the cornerstones of Obsidian Wreath. “Veil” is like a small “We are the world” of Infant Island‘s peers. Members of For Your Health, .gif from God, King Yosef and many others provide the gang vocals for the fulminant finale of this song. “Vestygian“is the apocalyptic supernova ending this 36-minute-long aural workout.

Obsidian Wreath is an album that lures and lashes. Those melodies will occupy sweet spots in your mind while the raging will leave your soul scarred. An early highlight for this year and a lasting highlight for Infant Island.

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