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Spectral Voice – Sparagmos (Review)

Band:Spectral Voice
Genre:Death Metal, Doom Metal
Release Date:9th of February, 2024
Released viaDark Descent Records

It’s hard to believe but it’s already been seven years since Spectral Voice released their debut album Eroded Corridors of Unbeing. This behemoth of a record belongs to the cream of the crop within its genre. On February 9th the time has finally come and Sparagmos the band’s sophomore album will be released via Dark Descent Records.

The title, “Sparagmos”, describes an ancient sacrificial ritual in which people and animals were torn apart alive. This alone is more than fitting when it comes down to the sound of Spectral Voice.

The opener “Be Cadaver” throws the listener directly into the infinite emptiness of suffering. Within a few seconds, a nihilistic world is built up by the abstruse vocals and the hard sound of the drums.

An abhorrent feeling that transports you into a never-ending downward spiral describes the band’s musical finesse perfectly. If you like Disemboweled or Worm, this is 100% your cup of tea.

The many tempo changes throughout the album show how complex death doom can actually be. While the slower guitar riffs almost seem like a nightmare that you can’t escape. You never manage to escape this dream, which seems almost too real. An absolute morbid mood, which reaches its climax through the hellish growls.

Faster passages feel like dying all over again and the pain never ends. Everything that made Spectral Voice’s debut so special has been executed much better here. It sounds almost blasphemous, because Eroded Corridors of Unbeing is such a good album. Nevertheless, the band manages to raise the bar a lot.

Death’s Knell Rings in Eternity” is the ideal ending for this record. By this point everyone should be aware of their last breath, before the last fibers of skin are torn from their limbs. A gospel of pain and despair that perfectly combines death and doom metal. The dark and sinister atmosphere leaves a lasting impression.

Regardless of whether you like the morbid concept of Sparagmos or not. Spectral Voice have outdone themselves with this release. Even though it is probably still far too early, this album will most likely not only be one of the best of the year, but also serve as a milestone for extreme metal.

Stay death

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