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Skeletal Remains – Fragments of the Ageless (Review)

Band:Skeletal Remains
Release:Fragments of the Ageless
Genre:Death Metal
Release Date:8th of March, 2024
Released viaCentury Media Records

There are not many bands that can boast a flawless discography. Often an album is released that divides fans or critics and, in the worst case, is labelled a flop or a stinker. Skeletal Remains, however, are far from that when you look at their previous records.

The band has been active since 2011 and has released four very strong albums to date. Their latest work Fragments of the Ageless will be released on March 8th via Century Media.

Fans of the band will probably know exactly what to expect from their latest album. Uncompromising death metal, which is strongly reminiscent of the glorious 90s. Even though this has always been the case with their last releases, there are a few surprises on Fragments of the Ageless.

All in all, the latest work seems much more technical than anything the band has released before. This is certainly also due to the new drummer Pierce Williams. The opener “Relentless Appetite” is a real blast-beat-thunderstorm. The distinctive sound that has characterised Skeletal Remains over the years is still present. Influenced by Death Metal legends such as Morbid Angel, Deicide and Pestilence, you can immediately tell which role models have influenced the band.

Already on the previous albums Skeletal Remains could stand out with brilliant riffing and solos. Songs like “Cybernetic Harvest” or “Void of Despair” show how the band has improved once again in this aspect.

The virtuoso interaction between the guitars makes songs like “Void of Despair” or “Verminous Embodiment” particularly memorable. Dan Swanö, who produced the record, has done a great job. It’s an organic sound that perfectly combines the OSDM vibe with technical sophistication. Tracks like “Unmerciful” are the best proof of how the band has significantly improved in all respects. A seven-minute death metal song that contains all the elements that characterize the new album. A brute groove, paired with tight riffs and a good portion of 90s attitude.

With Fragments of the Ageless, Skeletal Remains have released another album that fits seamlessly into the band’s already brilliant discography. Technically speaking, this record is on a completely different level to its beloved predecessors. Perhaps the band created their own personal opus magnum.

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