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Thy Art is Murder – Human Target (Review)

Artist: Thy Art is Murder
Album: Human Target
Genre- Deathcore
Country: Australia
Release-Date: 26th of July, 2019
Released via Nuclear Blast
Cover Artwork © Nuclear Blast 2019

I like food, food is good.

Although not all food is good for you, a lot of food tastes good nontheless. Junk food has a very bad reputation, but I like it very much. There’s not much above a pan pizza with spicy stuff on it. I could eat it on nearly every occasion.

Another great thing about junk food is that it always has some sort of lowest common denominator regarding the ingredients. So, when you order a pizza, you won’t get it served in a wok (maybe a nice idea for a hip start-up…”Wizza”). To put it short, you can rely on certain things you like about pizza.

But that does not mean that anyone who puts the ingredients together can make a good pizza.

And that’s the point, where Thy Art is Murder come into play.

I always felt that Deathcore is a genre which is often disregarded as a simple kind of music with little to none variety when it comes to song-structures: there is mostly some moody guitar intro, then some blasting and at the end there is the big mosh part. While it may be true, that these elements appear in a lot of songs of that mentioned genre, not a lot of bands can put these parts together in a way that they taste interesting and not like any other pizza (to keep the metaphor). Thy Art is Murder is one of them.

Human Target is everything a deathcore or a Thy Art is Murder fan would wish from a record. From the first riffs of the title track you know that Thy Art is Murder mean business: blasting, growling and moshing. The topics of the songs are as Metal as they can be: government, religion and involuntary organ “donation” (my favorite topic).

It is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t listened to any Deathcore record why Thy Art is Murder are exceptional. My best guess would be that the flow and the atmosphere of the songs (which is dark) sets them apart from other bands of that genre. Songs like “Death Squad Anthem“, “New Gods” or “Voyeurs into Death” will stay in your ears for an entire day, because they are catchy and angry at the same time. I found myself humming along the choruses while taking a walk with my family in the sun.

So, anyone who’s interested in a nice slice of a good Deathcore pizza should not pass on this opportunity.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

8 / 10

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