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Deathwish Double: Frail Body & Greet Death (Review)

Artist: Frail Body // Greet Death
Album: A Brief Memoriam // New Hell
Genre: Screamo // Alternative, Shoegaze
Country: USA
Release Date: 1st // 8th of November, 2019
Released via Deathwish Inc.
Cover Artwork © Deathwish Inc. 2019

Deathwish Inc. will always have a special place in my musical heart. It is responsible for a lot of my musical socialisation. Artists like Modern Life is War, Deafheaven or Converge shaped my taste in music for good. Every new signing is worth a listen, especially those that don‘t fall under the hardcore-umbrella. However, genre boundaries aside – Deathwish Inc. has always been a label of good and unique music.

Frail Body and Greet Death are two new signings at Deathwish Inc. Frail Body reminds me of early Envy and Loma Prieta, while Greet Death sounds like a gritty version of the indie-band Citizen

Frail Body‘s A Brief Memoriam has everything a screamo fan needs: harsh vocal delivery, great melodies and most importantly, the songs don‘t sound the same. Every song on this record has something special to it. The finale of „Your Death makes me wish Heaven was real“ or the chilling conclusion of „Old Friends“ are just two examples for this. This record literally screams for your attention and you should give it, no doubt about it. 

Greet Death‘s New Hell is a very different beast, a band that, upon first listen, would fit into the rooster of an indie-label rather than on Deathwish Inc. New Hell caught me completely by surprise. The cover seemed dark, so I gave it a listen and expected something like the aforementioned Frail Body. Straight from the beginning it was the contrast between the very soft and somber voices of the two singers and the gnarly tone of the guitars that struck me the most. The title track and „You’re. gonna hate what you have done“ are already two of my favorite tracks this year. If you are into hymnic indie-anthems, then you should check this band out.

As usual, we added the favorite track(s) to our Transcended Review Playlist.

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