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Envy – The Fallen Crimson (Author’s Choice)

Artist: Envy
Album: The Fallen Crimson
Genre: Post-Hardcore / Metal
Country: Japan
Release Date: 7th of February, 2020
Released via Pelagic Records
Cover Artwork © Pelagic Records, 2020

(Submitted by Thomas Transcended)

As Author’s Choices, every author gets the chance to pick one album that the rest of the authors need to listen to and write a comment about

Thomas Transcended

Thomas already lost some words about The Fallen Crimson in his recently published review.

Patrik Transcended

This is an album that swings between heavy riffs with screamo vocals and songs that could be an opening sequence for an anime movie. I enjoyed this album very much, these contradictions that show you the path through the whole album are fascinating: joy takes turns to melancholy, dark passages with parts full of light. This is definitely an album that will constantly rotate on my playlist this year.

Roman Transcended

As I already explained in my author introduction, I got to know Thomas via his wife who worked with me and build up the connection between the both of us. Before having met in the real world for the first time, we had already exchanged lots and lots of music and I got to know I don’t know how many new bands because of his recommendations (Birds in Row – Blacklisted – just to name some). Those exchanges always delivered way more music that I was even able to listen to, because time still is a limited ressource. Thus, many recommendations just passed by without me even noticing. One of which was just recently the recommendation of Botch – which is an absolutely brillant band – it just took me two more years after the recommendation to find out. Another band Thomas consistently mentioned and I never got to listen to was envy – until I was forced to listen to their latest release in this Author’s Choice. Fortunately! It only took a few seconds into The Fallen Crimson to find out that envy just hit the spot – again a Thomas Seal of Approval that eventually turned out to be right. What an incredible record! The emotions that are brought up throughout the album are ever-changing and we are jumping back and forth between hopeful and angry – and envy absolutely manage to introduce variety when listening to those guitar tones. Every song has a special feeling to it because it seems as if the sound was changed on all of those tracks. I will definitely need some time to listen into the rest of the albums as well!

Steven Transcended

I have to admit that the songs on The Fallen Crimson are the first tunes I have heard from Envy. I have read about the band several times before and I stumbled over their releases in the online shop of their label Pelagic Records, but for some silly reasons I did not manage to give them a listen yet. Of course that turned out to be a big mistake. Envy blends their compositions with a wide range of musical elements such as Post-Rock progression, the beauty of Shoegaze and the urge of Screamo to create their very own interpretation of heavy and expressive Post-Hardcore. I enjoyed listening to The Fallen Crimson very much and once again an Author’s Choice made me stumble on a great record worth discovering in its entirety.

Rocko F. Transcended

Never heard of Envy to be honest. Just took a look at Wikipedia. Japanese Screamo/Post-Hardcore. Okay…that explains why I don’t understand their vocals. But I like the atmosphere they create. Unusual drum and rhythm patterns, nice suspended melodies and the aggressive voice makes it interesting. There’s a nice variety in the first two or three songs already, variety of vocal-styles, guitar sounds, rhythms, a variety of everything. That seems to be no easy music, full of surprises, as for example “Rhythm”. That sounds a little like a song from a Japanese version of Enya or something. Great, and I would not expect stuff like this. Nothing else to say. I think I need to listen a little more to Envy.

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