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Shakers – I Need You to Know (Recommendation)

Artist: Shakers
Album: I Need You to Know
Genre: Screamo / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore
Country: Germany
Release Date: 3rd of April, 2020
Released via: Konglomerat Kollektiv
Cover Artwork © Konglomerat Kollektiv, 2020

Every fandom has a certain moment when it started. Most of the times it is a song or gig, where a band is seen for the first time. With some bands, however, I can even tell a certain part of a song that made me “fall in love“ with them. An example for this is the song „Home Away From Here“ by Touché Amoré. Around 30 seconds into the song you have this nice guitar melody and the upbeat drums and that was the moment when I knew – I was gonna love this band for a long time.

My moment with Shakers was „Swan Song“, the melancholic beginning and the following upbeat drumming around 1:30 min, it reminded me of how Touché Amoré sounded around Parting the Sea between Brightness and Me. Shakers‘ debut album I Need You to Know taps exactly that vein. „Abandon Scale“ and „Words“ are great examples how Shakers combine melancholy with lyrics that will stay in your head for days („bend and stitch and sew!“).

Mixed by Jack Shirley, I Need You to Know is a melodic Screamo / Hardcore record that finds you air-drumming, screaming at the sky and feeling slightly melancholic, all at once.

Although the final words on this record are „Please let‘s not talk about it“, I‘m pretty sure that there will be talked about this band and this great debut when it comes to the end-of-the-year-lists.

Favorite Tracks:
“Swan Song”

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